What is metaclass ?

Metaclasses are classes of classes , It's a template for the class

Metaclasses are used to control how classes are created , Just as a class is a template for creating objects , The main purpose of metaclasses is to control the creation behavior of classes

The result of metaclass instantiation is used for us class Defined classes , Just as an instance of a class is an object (f1 The object is Foo An instance of a class ,Foo Class is type An instance of a class )

type yes python A built-in metaclass of , Used to directly control the generated class ,python In any of the class The classes defined are actually type An object instantiated by a class

Mode one : Use class keyword

class Chinese(object):
def __init__(self,name,age):
def talk(self):
print('%s is talking' %self.name)

Mode two : It's manual simulation class The process of creating a class ): Separate the steps of creating a class , Manually create

# preparation :
# Creating classes is mainly divided into three parts
1 Class name
2 The parent of a class
3 The class body
# Class name 
# The parent of a class
# The class body
def __init__(self,name,age):
def talk(self):
print('%s is talking' %self.name)

Step one ( Let's deal with the class body first -> The name space ): The names of class body definitions are stored in the class's namespace ( A local namespace ), We can define an empty dictionary in advance , And then use exec To execute the code of the class body (exec The process of generating a namespace is similar to the real class The process is similar to , It's just that the latter will __ The first attribute is deformed ), Generate the local namespace of the class , That is to fill in the dictionary


Step two : Call metaclass type( You can also customize it ) To generate classes Chinense

Foo=type(class_name,class_bases,class_dic) # Instantiation type Get the object Foo, That is, we use class Defined classes Foo
<class '__main__.Chinese'>
<class 'type'>

We see ,type Receive three parameters :

  • The first 1 The first parameter is a string ‘Foo’, Represents the class name
  • The first 2 The first parameter is a tuple (object, ), Represents all the parent classes
  • The first 3 The first parameter is the dictionary , Here is an empty dictionary , Indicates that there are no properties or methods defined

Add : if Foo Class has inheritance , namely class Foo(Bar):.... Is equivalent to type('Foo',(Bar,),{})


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