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What is? Spring Boot

Spring Boot By Pivotal A new framework from the team , It is designed to simplify the new Spring Initial setup and development of the application . The framework is configured in a specific way , This eliminates the need for developers to define boilerplate configurations . Take it in my words , Namely Spring Boot Not really a new framework , By default, it configures many ways to use the framework , It's like Maven It integrates all of them Jar package ,Spring Boot Integrated all the frameworks .

Use  Spring Boot What are the benefits

In fact, it's simple 、 Fast 、 convenient ! Usually if we need to build a Spring Web What do I need to do with the project ?

  • 1) To configure web.xml, load Spring and Spring mvc
  • 2) Configure database connections 、 To configure Spring Business
  • 3) Configure the load read of the configuration file , Open the annotation
  • 4) Configure log files
  • ...
  • Deploy after the configuration is complete Tomcat debugging
  • ...

Microservices are very popular now , If my project just needs to send an email , If my project is just to produce a point ; I need to toss like this !

But if you use Spring Boot Well ?
It's simple , I only need a few configurations to build a set quickly and conveniently Web Project or build a microservice !

Quick start

Said so much , It's itchy , Try it right away !

Maven Build the project

  • 1、 visit
  • 2、 Choose the build tool Maven Project、Java、Spring Boot edition 2.1.3 And some basic engineering information , Please refer to the figure below :

  • 3、 Click on Generate Project Download project zip
  • 4、 After decompressing , Use Idea Import the project ,File -> New -> Model from Existing Source.. -> Select the unzipped folder -> OK, choice Maven All the way Next,OK done!
  • 5、 If you are using Eclipse,Import -> Existing Maven Projects -> Next -> Select the unzipped folder -> Finsh,OK done!

Idea Build the project

  • 1、 choice File -> New —> Project... Pop up the new item box
  • 2、 choice Spring Initializr,Next A similar configuration interface will also appear ,Idea Helped us with the integration
  • 3、 After filling in the relevant content , Click on Next Select the dependent package and click Next, Finally, make sure the information is correct Finish.

Introduction to project structure

As shown in the figure above ,Spring Boot There are three files in the infrastructure :

l src/main/java  Program development and main program entry

l src/main/resources The configuration file

l src/test/java  The test program

in addition ,spingboot The recommended directory results are as follows :

root package structure :com.example.myproject

+- example
+- myproject
+- domain
| +-
| +-
+- service
| +-
+- controller
| +-

1、  It's suggested to put it under the table of contents , Mainly used to do some framework configuration

2、domain Directories are mainly used for entities (Entity) And data access layer (Repository)

3、service  Layer is mainly business code

4、controller  Responsible for page access control

Using the default configuration can save a lot of configuration , Of course, you can also change it according to your preference

Last , start-up Application main Method , At this point java The project is set up !

introduce Web  modular

1、pom.xml Add support web Module :


pom.xml There are two modules in the file by default :

spring-boot-starter: Core module , Including auto configuration support 、 Journal and YAML;

spring-boot-starter-test: Test module , Include JUnit、Hamcrest、Mockito.

2、 To write controller Content

public class HelloWorldController {
public String index() {
return "Hello World";

@RestController It means controller All the methods in it are json Format output , No more writing jackjson Configured !

3、 Start main program , Open browser access http://localhost:8080/hello, And you can see the effect , It's easy to have wood !

Reference material :

Spring Boot actual combat : Line by line interpretation HelloWorld

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