Reprinted from Multicore CPU To speed up awk, sed, bzip2, grep, wc etc. , To view the original , Please click this link to enter .

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Want to let Linux The command uses all CPU kernel , We need to use GNU Parallel command , It makes all of us CPU The kernel does magic in a single machine map-reduce operation , Of course , It's with the help of something that's rarely used –pipes Parameters ( It's also called –spreadstdin). such , Your load will be evenly distributed to each CPU On , Really? .


bzip2 It's better than gzip Better compression tools , But it's slow ! Don't bother , We have a way to solve this problem .

Previous practice :

cat bigfile.bin | bzip2 --best > compressedfile.bz2

Now that's it :

cat bigfile.bin | parallel --pipe --recend '' -k bzip2 --best > compressedfile.bz2

Especially for bzip2,GNU parallel In multicore CPU It's super fast . If you don't pay attention , It's done .


If you have a very large text file , You might have been like this before :

grep pattern bigfile.txt

Now you can do this :

cat bigfile.txt | parallel  --pipe grep 'pattern'

Or so :

cat bigfile.txt | parallel --block 10M --pipe grep 'pattern'

This second usage uses –block 10M Parameters , This means that each kernel handles 1 Ten million lines —— You can use this parameter to adjust each CUP How many rows of data does the kernel process .


Here is a awk Command to calculate a very large data file example .

Routine usage :

cat rands20M.txt | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s}'

Now that's it :

cat rands20M.txt | parallel --pipe awk \'{s+=\$1} END {print s}\' | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s}'

It's a little complicated :parallel In the command –pipe Parameter will cat The output is divided into blocks and assigned to awk call , There are a lot of sub computation operations . These subcalculations go through a second pipe into the same awk command , So we can output the final result . first awk There are three backslashes , This is a GNU parallel call awk The need for .


Want to calculate the number of lines in a file as fast as possible ?

Traditional practice :

wc -l bigfile.txt

Now you should :

cat bigfile.txt | parallel  --pipe wc -l | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s}'

Very clever , First use parallel command ‘mapping’ A lot of wc -l call , Formers calculation , Finally, it's piped to awk To summarize .


I want to use it in a huge file sed Command to do a lot of replacement operations ?

routine :

sed s^old^new^g bigfile.txt

Now you can :

cat bigfile.txt | parallel --pipe sed s^old^new^g
 Then you can use the pipeline to store the output to a specified file .

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