My Sql Most of them are in green ( Decompression version ) Then sign up for the service Easy and convenient .

however . Configuration file is a headache .

First configuration mysql Environment variables of .

mySQL environment variable ( My computer - Right click properties - senior - environment variable )

MYSQL_HOME( Decompression path ):E:\MYSQL\mysql-5.6.23-winx64

path: Add... At the end ;%MYSQL_HOME%\bin Pay attention to the semicolon

No environment variables CMD It's not an internal or external command .

It's for the owner .5.6.23 edition .

my-default.ini The contents are as follows

#skip-grant-tables This can be root Login with forgotten password mysql Very low security .

# port

# In some cases default-character-set=utf8 Can solve the problem of Chinese garbled

# Don't use it here default-character-set=utf8 Will report directly to 1067 error



# Pay attention to whether this should be added or not client database results  All are GBK or latin1

init_connect='SET NAMES utf8' 

#show variables like 'char%'; Look at the database code set

# Database storage engine Some versions  default-storage-engine=MyISAM Will start normally Otherwise it will be reported 1067 


# Set up basedir Point to mysql Installation path for

#password =1234


------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't copy this line

Basically, there is no garbled code problem .

Get into mysq...bin\ Run as an administrator

Specify profile , Add service

mysqld  --install MySQL --defaults-file="E:\MYSQL\mysql-5.6.23-winx64\my-default.ini"

start-up mysql

net start mysql

mysql -u root -p The default is empty.

Use Navicat for MySQL Join database .

Registration code :NAVH-WK6A-DMVK-DKW3

Switch to use mysql

select * from mysql.user;

You'll see similar records

You can get in without a password . Kill first localhost The first 4 Bar record .( Anonymous logins )

If you don't change the table . There will be the following picture

Delete paragraph 4 After .

It's time to verify . Prompt for user name

Remember my-default.ini Of skip-grant-tables Don't drive .

modify root Default password ( Switch to the root directory )

1.set password for root@localhost = password('111');

2.update user set password=password("111") where user="root";

Close test available . Restart the service

When you log in . It's about the password

Enter the just 111 Just the password .

Be careful :

If you use cmd Please login in the following format

mysql -u root -p111

Remember not to use :

mysql -u root -p 111

Otherwise it will prompt :

Here we go first . Coding problem Installation services , The password problem has been solved .

I hope I can help my friends in need . It's really a headache if we don't solve the coding problem .chinese

1067 chart .                         

If the relevant properties have been configured before . Please put mysql-data- All the following non folder files will be deleted . Start it up

The End...

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