No nonsense, picture and text course , Teach you to build step by step CA The server , And let IIS Enable HTTPS service .

One 、 Set up a certificate server (CA service )

1. In the system control panel , find “ add to / Delete program ”, Click on the left “ add to / Delete windows Components ”, Find... In the list “ Certificate Services ”, Install it .

2.CA type , There are four options , Here we use “ Independent root CA” For introduction .

3.CA Identifying information , Here's what you can do for CA The server has a name .

4. Certificate database settings , The relevant database and log files used to save certificates , This is the default .

5. After installation , stay Control panel - Management tools   You can open it in Certification authority , This tool is used to audit certificates , It will be mentioned later .

6. After installation , stay IIS in , Three related directories will be added , Among them “CertSrv” It's the certificate application page .

7. Open the corresponding page , You can see the following figure , thus ,CA The server has been basically set up .

Two 、 Give Way IIS Turn on HTTPS(SSL) function

1. stay IIS Medium “ The default site ” Right click , choice “ attribute ”, You can see the site properties , Click on “ Directory security ” TAB , Click on “ Server certificate ” Button .

2. choice “ New certificate ”, next step

3. choice “ Now prepare the certificate request , But send it later ”, next step

4. Unit information , I need to fill in here by myself , As for what to write , You can decide , This information will be displayed in the certificate .

5. Name and security , The default name is IIS The name of the website , The default key length is 1024 position , next step

6. Site common name , The default is the machine name of the server , Please note that , If IIS It's object service , The corresponding domain name must be filled in here .

7. Geographic Information , Fill in whatever you like , next step

8. Certificate request file name , The default is to save in C Under the plate , After opening, you will see the following encrypted string .

9. First copy the encrypted string of the certificate , Go to the certificate application page mentioned above , choice “ Apply for a certificate ”

10. How to apply for certificate , choice “ Advanced Certificate Application ”

11. choice “ Use base64……”

12. Fill the certificate string in the text box , and “ Submit ”, thus , Completed the certificate application .( Don't rush to close it IE, Click on the top right “ Home page ” Wait )

13. Back in the certification authority tool , Select the one on the left “ Pending applications ”, You can see that there is an application record in it , apply ID That's what you just applied for ID.

Select the record , Right click - All the tasks - Issued by , In this way, the certificate can be issued .

Click on “ Certificate issued ” You can see the certificate just issued .

14, Back to the certificate application page , choice “ View the status of pending certificate requests ”

15. On this page, you can see all the certificates you applied for before , If there are multiple links, there are multiple links ), Click on one of them .

16. ad locum , If a certificate has been issued , You can see the certificate download page , General choice Base64 code , Download the certificate .

Download the certificate chain , You can take the root CA You can also download your certificate .

17. go back to IIS, Directory Security page , Or click “ Server certificate ”, The interface has changed , choice “ Process pending requests and install certificates ”, next step

18. Select the certificate you just downloaded , next step

19. Fill in SSL Port used , The general default is 443, It doesn't need to be modified . thus , The application for the certificate is completed .

20. If you want to force the use of HTTPS If you visit the website , stay “ Directory security ” On the tab , Click on “ edit ” Button .

21. Hook selection ” Secure access is required (SSL)” a

22, here , Let's refresh the certificate application page , You can see that 403.4 The error page of , Because we force the use of HTTPS To visit the website .

Be careful : If not the entire site requires HTTPS Words , You can also set a virtual directory , Method is the same as above. .

23. It is amended as follows HTTPS After the visit , It's a security alert , The certificate name does not match the site name , That's because we use localhost Came to visit. .

Remember when I applied for the certificate above , The public name mentioned ? That's it , At that time, we filled in the machine name , So and localhost Of course not .

That's why if IIS If there's a foreign language , The reason to fill in the domain name , Otherwise, this security alert will be prompted .

Just change the address to :https://dier-vm03/certsrv, There's no security alert .

24. Extend the , Not every user understands technology , When ordinary users see 403.4 error , I don't know how to add one if I ask for it S You can access , So what to do ?

It's very simple , stay “ Custom error ” On the tab , find 403.4 Point to the location of the page file , Then go in and open it . Add a script and it's done .

In fact, it is the use of javascript Judge whether to use http Of , If so, automatically jump to https

  1. <script type="text/javascript">
  2. var url = window.location.href;
  3. if(url.indexOf("http:") > -1) window.location.href = url.replace("http:","https:");
  4. </script>

Okay , The picture and text course without nonsense has been completed , incidentally BS once CSDN Editor for , Can't upload more than one file at a time , I'm tired to death -.-

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