Preface : Not long ago ,Swift The language has also been updated to 3.0 edition , A friend who has a certain foundation in programming will not be unfamiliar with the concept of function . and Swift The functions in languages are similar , Today, I will follow Xiao Bian to learn Swift3 Different uses of functions in .

1) Define a function and call

 // One , Define a function with no parameters and no return value 
func fun1(){
print("this is first function")

2) Define a function with parameters and return values

 func fun2(a:Int) ->Int{
print("this is second function")
return a
// Function call
fun2(a: )

analysis : The parameters of the function are placed in parentheses after the function name , Multiple parameters separated by commas , The return value type is indicated by a connector and a right angle bracket (->)

3) The calling function must specify the parameter name and the parameter order cannot be changed

 func add1(firstNum:Int,addWithNum:Int) ->Int{
return firstNum+addWithNum
// Error case one 、add1(2,3) The calling function must specify the parameter name
// Error case 2 、add1(addWithNum: 4 ,firstNum:
add1(firstNum: , addWithNum: )

4) When using underscores to omit the specified parameter name when calling a function , The parameter name must be omitted when calling

 func add2(_ firstNum:Int,_ addWithNum:Int) ->Int{
return firstNum+addWithNum
// Wrong cases add2(2, addWithNum: 4)
add2(, )

5) Specify external parameters when defining functions

 func add3(a firstNum:Int,b addWithNum:Int) ->Int{
return firstNum + addWithNum
add3(a: , b: )// When called, specify the external parameter name

6) When declaring external parameters , You can't use external arguments inside a function , At the same time, internal parameter assignment cannot be used when calling

 // Wrong cases 
//func add4(a firstNum:Int,b addWithNum:Int) ->Int{
// return a + b value
//add4(firstNum: 2, addWithNum: 4)

7) In the case of external parameters , You can't use underscores to omit parameters

 // Wrong cases 
//func add5(_ a firstNum:Int,b addWithNum:Int) ->Int{
// return firstNum + addWithNum

8) When defining a function with parameters, you can set a default value for the parameters

 func add5(firstNum:Int,addWithNum:Int = ) ->Int{
return firstNum+addWithNum
} add5(firstNum:) // Get the results 6
add5(firstNum: ,addWithNum: )// Get the results 10

9) Function in Swift It's the first class in language ( Be similar to Java Class in ), It means that it can be a function parameter and a return value

 func outer4(f:()->Void) -> (Int,Int)->(Int,Int) {

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