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In response to the future online ( Especially the wireless terminal ) Multiple growth of business volume , The degree of distributed back-end services needs to be improved , Delay and fault tolerance management of services will face greater challenges , Company framework and open source team choose internal promotion Netflix Of Hystrix, One is to promote the service coverage of various departments , The second is to increase C Sharp Participation in language versions ( At present, at least 30% of the company's services are provided by .NET To write ). This blog post belongs to individuals Hystrix Research and practical experience .

What is? Hystrix?

Hystrix Is the world's largest online video rental service provider Netflix Open source , Delay and fault tolerance libraries for distributed systems . The library is created by Java It's written in , The project originated from Netflix API Team in 2011 Elastic engineering project started in . The project in github Published on , There are already nearly 3000 stars , Only a few excellent open source projects can enjoy the treatment of thousand star level ,Hystrix It's a sign of success .

  Why use Hystrix?

In large and medium-sized Distributed systems in , Usually the system depends a lot on (HTTP,hession,Netty,Dubbo etc. ), Here's the picture :

Under high concurrent access , The stability of these dependencies has a great influence on the system , But dependence has a lot of uncontrollable problems : If the network connection is slow , Resources are busy , Temporarily unavailable , Service offline, etc .

Here's the picture :QPS by 50 Dependence I There is an unavailable , But other dependencies are still available .

When dependent I Blocking time , Most servers Threads The pool is blocked (BLOCK), Affect the stability of the entire online service . Here's the picture :

In a complex distributed environment framework There are a lot of dependencies on your application , Will inevitably fail at some time . If there is no isolation measure for high concurrency dependency failure , At present, application services are at risk of being dragged down .

 for example : A dependency 30 individual SOA Service system , Every service 99.99% You can use .
99.99% Of 30 Power ≈ 99.7%
0.3% It means 100 million requests There will be 3,000,00 Secondary failure
It's about a month 2 Hours of service is not stable .
As the number of Service Dependencies increases , The probability of service instability will increase exponentially .
The solution to the problem : Isolate dependence ,Hystrix It's a framework for dealing with dependency isolation , At the same time, it can also help us to manage and monitor the dependent services .

What can we do ?

1)Hystrix Use command mode HystrixCommand(Command) Wrapping depends on the invocation logic , Each command is in a separate thread / The signal to grant authorization perform

2) Provide fuse assembly , It can be run automatically or invoked manually , Stop the current dependency for a while (10 second ), Fuse default error The rate threshold is 50%, Overruns will run automatically .

3) Configurable dependency calls Overtime Time , The timeout time is generally set as ratio 99.5% The average time is slightly higher . When the call times out , Direct return or execution fallback Logic .

4) Provide a small thread pool for each dependency ( Or signal ), If the thread pool is full, the call is rejected immediately , Queuing is not used by default . Accelerate failure to determine time .

5) Depend on calling result points : success , Failure ( Throw out abnormal ), Overtime , Thread refused to , A short circuit . request was aborted ( abnormal , Refuse , Overtime , A short circuit ) When the fallback( Downgrade ) Logic .

6) Provides near - real-time dependency statistics and monitoring

7) Support asynchronous execution . Supports concurrent request caching . Automatic batch failed request .

Hystrix Design concept

Want to know how to use , We have to understand the core design concept first ,Hystrix Based on command mode , adopt UML First, let's have an intuitive understanding of this design pattern

so ,Command Is in Receiver and Invoker Add a middle layer between ,Command Realized with Receiver Encapsulation . that Hystrix How does the application scenario correspond to the figure above ?

API It can be either Invoker It can be reciever, By inheritance Hystrix Core class HystrixCommand To encapsulate these API( for example , Remote interface call , Database queries and other operations that may cause delays ). You can for API Provides elastic protection .

Hello World

Hello World The purpose of this article is to show , How to carry out intrusive transformation in the project , send API in Hystrix Under protection !

introduce maven rely on

<!-- Dependent version -->
<hystrix-metrics-event-stream.version>1.1.2</hystrix-metrics-event-stream.version> <dependency>
<!-- Warehouse address -->
<name>local private nexus</name>

Here's an unused Hystrix The protection of sayHello Service and its invocation

//API call , There may be delays 
public class HelloService {
public static String sayHello(final String name)
return String.format("Hello %s!", name);
// The client directly calls API
public class Client{
public static void main(String[] args)

Suppose the string generation process is an operation that needs to be protected , Now let's use Hystrix encapsulate .

It should be noted that , Although using command mode , But we don't recommend coverage here execute Method , But to achieve run Template method , Most frameworks are implemented using template Design patterns , And set the template method to protected Signature , The advantage of this is , You can hand over the specific business to the business implementer , You can add other functions to it , And business implementers just need to focus on their own business . Here, for example. HystrixCommand.execute Method is actually called HystrixCommand.queue().get(), and queue Method except the final call run outside , Also need to run Method provides protection functions such as timeout and exception , You can't call non secure directly from outside run Method , This practice is very worthy of our study .

OK, Now we're going to do it through run Method to pack sayHello function , We go through a private domain _name, Passing messages through constructors , Get a copy of the construction parameters to keep invariance .

public class SayHelloCommand extends HystrixCommand<String> {
private final String _name;
public SayHelloCommand(String name)
_name = new String(name);//unmutable }
protected String run() { return String.format("Hello %s!", _name);

API The transformation is as follows , As a facade method, it's best not to change the signature of the function ( Unless the parameters and return types change , This is because the cost of changing the client code is often huge ), Also provide version sayHelloAsync, This method provides asynchronous function

public class HelloService {
// public static String sayHello(final String name)
// {
// return "Hello " + name + "!";
// } /**
* sayHello under protection of Hystrix
* @param name
* @return <code>"Hello " + name + "!"</code>
public static String sayHello(final String name)
return new SayHelloCommand(name).execute();
} /**
* call async
* @param name
* @return
public static Future<String> sayHelloAsync(final String name)
return new SayHelloCommand(name).queue();

So let's see , How to use it in case of over time fusing FallBack Strategy , This is quite useful in projects , For example, access the backup database after timeout , Or return the retrial response directly

First SayHelloCommand Constructor uses Hystrix Of Setter To set the timeout , Here's the explanation Setter This class involves several best practices

1.Setter Use builder Pattern , Think about the constructor having a lot of parameters to set , Passing as a construction parameter greatly reduces readability , Using static factory method to set one by one may cause inconsistency under multithreading concurrency , And this kind of bug It's often very difficult to locate , therefore builder Patterns are very good practices . take Setter Pass on as a constructor to HystrixCommand Constructor for ,Setter There are many static methods in , You can clearly know the meaning of the element through the method name .

2.Setter yes HystrixCommand Inner static class ,Hystrix The code uses a lot of internal static classes , As factory methods for this class , Or the constructor , I think this division makes code responsibilities clearer , Easier to maintain than a separate factory class .

3.Setter Use functional concatenation , Each static factory method returns Setter example , So we can connect the construction process in series , Make the code easier to read .

4.Setter It's an immutable class , Each static factory method returns a new Setter Copy , therefore Setter It's thread safe .

OK,Setter So that's it , Here we continue to set the timeout to 500

public SayHelloCommand(final String name)
//builder for HystrixCommand
_name = new String(name);

run Method we use Thread.sleep(600) To achieve the effect of overtime , At the same time to realize getFallback Method , The program runs as soon as it times out FallBack

protected String getFallback() {
return String.format("[FallBack]Hello %s!", _name);
} @Override
protected String run() throws Exception {
return String.format("Hello %s!", _name);

Final output :

[FallBack]Hello World!

Review the main point

1.Hystrix Flexible protection for distributed services

2.Hystrix Encapsulating calls through command mode , To achieve elastic protection , Inherit HystrixCommand And realize run Method , It's the simplest package .

3. Realization getFallBack Method can provide backup handling method for fusing or exception .

4.HystrixCommand in Setter Class best practices .

5. The practice of template method in framework .

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