1.MVC Design patterns

MVC It's a use MVC(Model View Controller Model - View - controller ) Design creation Web The pattern of the application

  • Model( Model ) Represents the core of the application ( For example, database record list ).
  • View( View ) Display the data ( Database records ).
  • Controller( controller ) Process input ( Write database records ).
 MVC The pattern also provides for HTML、CSS and JavaScript Full control of .
 Model( Model ) Is the part of the application that deals with the application's data logic .
Usually model objects are responsible for accessing data in the database .
 View( View ) It's the part of the application that handles data display .
Usually views are created from model data .
 Controller( controller ) Is the part of the application that handles user interaction .
Usually the controller is responsible for reading data from the view , Control user input , And send data to the model .
 MVC Layering helps manage complex applications , Because you can focus on one aspect at a time . for example , You can focus on view design without relying on business logic . It also makes it easier to test applications .
 MVC Layering also simplifies group development . Different developers can develop views at the same time 、 Controller logic and business logic .
   MVC The core is $scope:
               $scope It's a POJO(Plain Old JavaScript Object)
               $scope Provides some tools and methods $watch()/$apply()
               $scope Is the execution environment for expressions ( Or scope )
               $scope It's a tree structure , And DOM Label parallel
                Son $scope The object inherits the parent $scope Properties and methods on
                every last Angular Applications have only one root $scope object ( Generally located ng-app On )
               $scope Can spread Events , similar DOM event , It can be up or down
               $scope Not only is MVC The basis of , It's also the basis of implementing bidirectional data binding later
                It can be used angular.element($0).scope() debug
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