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Orchard Core yes ASP.NET Core On Orchard CMS Redevelopment of the Internet .

  • Orchard Core It's made up of two different goals :
  1. Orchard The core framework : Used in ASP.NET Core Building modularity on the Internet , Application framework for multi tenant applications .
  2. Orchard Core CMS: be based on Orchard Core Framework Built Web Content management system (CMS).
 It's important to pay attention to the framework and CMS Differences between . Some want to develop SaaS Developers of applications are only interested in modular frameworks . Others who want to build manageable websites will focus on CMS And build modules to enhance its website or the entire ecosystem .
  • Use Orchard Core Framework building software as a service (SaaS) Solution

understand Orchard The core framework is independent of nuget.org Upper CMS Distributed , This is very important . We are https://github.com/OrchardCMS/OrchardCore.Samples Some sample applications have been made on , They will guide you how to use Orchard Core Framework Building modular and multi tenant applications , Without any CMS Specific functions .

  • Use Orchard Core CMS Build a website

Orchard Core CMS Completely rewritten ASP.NET Core Upper Orchard CMS. It's not just a beginning , Because we want to dramatically improve performance and work with as many people as possible ASP.NET Core Consistent development model .

  • Performance performance . When you start using Orchard Core CMS when , This is probably the most obvious change . new CMS Very fast . So fast , We don't even have to focus on working on the output cache module . Here is a comparison for your reference , There is no cache Orchard Core CMS Faster than the previous version 20 About times .
  • Easy to deploy . You can now Windows,Linux and macOS Development and deployment on the Internet Orchard Core CMS. We can also use Docker Image deployment .
  • Document database abstraction .Orchard Core CMS Still need a relational database , And with SQL Server,MySQL,PostgreSQL and SQLite compatible , But it now uses document abstraction (YesSql), It provides a document database API To store and query documents . about CMS system , This is a better way , Can significantly improve performance .
  • NuGet Package management . Modules and themes now serve as NuGet Package sharing . Use Orchard Core CMS Creating a new website is actually like quoting NuGet It's as simple as a single metapackage in the library . This also means that updating to the updated version only involves updating the version number of the package .
  • Real-time Preview . When editing content items , You can now see it visually on your website , Even before you save your content . It also applies to templates , You can browse any page in it , To check the impact of changes on the template as you type .
  • Dynamic template support . Editors can use Liquid Template language changes safely HTML Templates . It was selected , Because it has a good record (Jekyll,Shopify,...) And security .
  • Custom query . We want to provide developers with a way to access all the data as easily as possible . We created a module , Allows you to create custom temporary files SQL, And can be reused to display custom content or as API Endpoint exposed Lucene Inquire about . You can use it to create valid queries , Or expose data to SPA Applications .
  • Common infrastructure shared warehouse . A common infrastructure shared repository is a script that can contain content and metadata for building a website . You can now include binaries , They can even be used to remotely deploy sites from staging to production environments . They can also be NuGet Part of the package , Allows you to ship predefined websites . On scalability , because Orchard Core It's a multi tenant system , So you can host any number of websites with a single deployment . then , A typical cloud computer can host thousands of sites in parallel , Include database , Content , Subject and user isolation .


Newly released Orchard Core The version is 1.0.0-beta2. The release notes are available at https://github.com/OrchardCMS/OrchardCore/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta2 Found on the

The software is sufficient for external testing - That is, organizations outside the community or software development community .Beta Software is usually fully functional , But there may be known limitations or errors .Betas Or it's closed ( intimate ), Or limited to a specific set of users , Or it can be open to the public .

This is a more detailed roadmap .


Cloning a repository using commands git clone https://github.com/OrchardCMS/OrchardCore.git And check it out master Latest version dev Branch , Or the latest version of the branch .

watch Orchard Core Demonstrated ASP.NET Community standing video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = Hejjv3blBjQ&t = 2246s&list = PL1rZQsJPBU2StolNg0aqvQswETPcYnNKL&index = 24

according to https://github.com/OrchardCMS/OrchardCore.Samples Use the example on , These examples will show you how to build modular and multi tenant applications

Command line

  1. From this page https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/core Install the latest version .NET Core SDK
  2. Command line run dotnet build.
  3. Next ,D:\OrchardCore\src\OrchardCore.Cms.Web In administrator mode , Navigate to the folder or its location on the command line .
  4. Command line run dotnet run.
  5. then http://localhost:5000 Open it in a browser URL.

You can also read the code generation template document , To create a new application from a predefined template .


  • Visual Studio 2017

    from https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/ download Visual Studio 2017( Any version )

    open OrchardCore.sln And wait for Visual Studio Restore all Nuget package

    Make sure OrchardCore.Cms.Web Is to start the project and run it
  • Special appointment

We are currently following these engineering guidelines .


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