First time to know backbone

1、Backbone What is it? ?

Backbone It's a very lightweight javaScript library , It can be made into a model (Model)- View (View)- controller (Controller) namely MVC Class structured applications .

2、Backbone Can do ?

Through this structure, we can organize the management of different categories Web There's a lot of complexity in the application JavaScript Code , And dealing with a single page interface (SPI) It contains a lot of complex AJAX Interaction request .

3、Backbone Of MVC framework

Data model (Model) Responsible for creating data prototypes and customizing various events , And pass key/value Formal binding of prototype data ; Through the data model set (Collection) The amount provided API Add all kinds of data to the prototype ; Finally, through the view controller (View) Bind the contents of the elements in the page and handle the corresponding events , And pass RESTful Json Interface mode and the original data in the application program for dynamic interaction .

4、Backbone The characteristics and scope of application of

1)MVC structured

Efficient development and maintenance of large load front-end code development

2) Inheritance features

solve JavaScript There is no concept of a class in ( Difficulties in inheritance ), adopt Backbone You can write your own data in an object-oriented way 、 aggregate 、 Model view , And it is very convenient to overload these models and extend some custom properties and methods .

3) Unified incident management

'click #select':'select_click'

' Event name # Elements ':' Functions executed by events '

4) Binding page templates

  1. HTML Embedded in the template JavaScript Code
  2. You can manage templates in the page in the view , Select loading and page rendering according to actual needs

5) Seamless interaction between servers

As long as the data on the page changes , The data will automatically synchronize with the server .

Reference books 《backbone.js actual combat 》 By Tao Guorong

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