Class definition format :

class CLASSNAME( Parent class 1, Parent class 2, Parent class 3):

__A  = 0     ## Private property , Two _ start , Only functions in this class can access

B = 0 ## Public attribute

def Function name (self):

self.__A = ... # Access private property name

self.B = ... # Access to the public property name


1、 When defining a function , Be sure to have self This parameter , And be sure to put it in the first place

2、 When defining private functions , Function names are the same as private properties , Two, please _ start

3、 The inherited parent class can be more than one , Multiple parent classes have the same function , If other functions want to call this function , It will search from left to right , Only the first parent class with the function is accessed

4、 Functions in the parent class can be overridden in the subclass

5、 If you want to instantiate or inherit classes from other modules , Must use first import Import the module , Then instantiate or inherit

6、 The proprietary methods in the class are as follows :

  1   __init__ Constructors , Call... When generating an object
  2 __del__ Destructor , Use... When releasing objects
  3 __setitem__ Assign values according to the index
  4 __repr__ Print , transformation
  5 __getitem__ Get values by index
  6 __len__ Get the length
  7 __cmp__ Comparison operations
  8 __add__ Add operation
  9 __sub__ Subtraction operation
  10 __mull__ Multiplication
  11 __div__ In addition to the operation
  12 __mod__ The remainder
  13 __pow__ Multiplication
  14 __call__ Function call

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