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Two people are playing a game .

One has \(n\) Number sequence \(B\), There was a piece in the beginning \(B\) The first position .

Both sides operate in turn , Before the first operation \(B_1-1\).

Then every time , You can move the pieces to a position \(j\in[i,min(i+m,n)]\) And \(B_j>0\), And then \(B_j-1\), Suppose that both sides adopt the optimal strategy , Who can't operate first will lose .

And then the problem you're going to solve is :

Give a length of \(n\) Sequence \(A\) and \(m\), And the number of questions \(q\).

There are two kinds of inquiries , One is interval plus , The other is to ask \(A\) An interval of a sequence , Take this interval as a sequence \(B\) Play the game above , Ask the first or the second to win .

\(n.q<=2*10^5 m<=5\)


Let's start with a sequence \(B\), How to judge whether to win first or second hand .

set up \(f_i\) For the first time when a player chooses the second \(i\) Will he win when he's in a position .

If \([i+1,i+m]\) There is a winner in the game , Then this position is the first to lose ,\(f_i=0\).

Otherwise, it depends on the parity of the value in the current position , Calm analysis, it's not hard to think of when \(A_i\) For even when \(f_i=0\), In an odd number of \(f_i=1\).

So at the moment \(f_i\) We can get the value from \(f_j (j \in [i+1,i+m])\) Launched in .

And then think about how to maintain it .

Find out \(m\) Very small , So we're going to do a lot of back work \(m\) individual \(f_j\) Press it up .

Use the line tree to maintain this thing , Each node maintains when the right end of the interval is on the right \(m\) Location \(f_j\) Press up for \(k\) when , The left end of the interval, the right end of the interval \(m\) individual \(f_j\) The value of pressing up .

When merging \(xjb\) I'll just transfer it .

If you change it , It's not hard to find out when \(d\) It's no use being even .

We can treat all the numbers in the interval as ^1 And the value of , So the modification is just \(swap\) Just a moment .

Feeling \(NOIP\) After doing cultural courses, it leads to serious mental decline ... Even such a problem depends on the solution ...\(QAQ\)

#define For(i,x,y) for (register int i=(x);i<=(y);i++)
#define Dow(i,x,y) for (register int i=(x);i>=(y);i--)
#define cross(i,k) for (register int i=first[k];i;i=last[i])
using namespace std;
typedef long long ll;
inline ll read(){
ll x=0;int ch=getchar(),f=1;
while (!isdigit(ch)&&(ch!='-')&&(ch!=EOF)) ch=getchar();
if (ch=='-'){f=-1;ch=getchar();}
while (isdigit(ch)){x=(x<<1)+(x<<3)+ch-'0';ch=getchar();}
return x*f;
const int N = 3e5+10;
int n,m,q,p,a[N];
struct node{
int f[32];
inline node operator + (const node &b)const{
node ans;
For(i,0,p) ans.f[i]=f[b.f[i]];
return ans;
inline node New(int x){
node ans;ans.f[0]=x;
For(i,1,p) ans.f[i]=i<<1&p;
return ans;
struct SegMent_Tree{
node v[N<<2][2];
bool lazy[N<<2];
inline void push_up(int u){For(i,0,1) v[u][i]=v[u<<1][i]+v[u<<1^1][i];}
inline void Build(int u,int l,int r){
if (l==r){v[u][0]=New(a[l]),v[u][1]=New(a[l]^1);return;}
int mid=l+r>>1;Build(u<<1,l,mid),Build(u<<1^1,mid+1,r);
inline void push_down(int u){
if (!lazy[u]) return;
inline void update(int u,int l,int r,int ql,int qr){
if (l>=ql&&r<=qr){lazy[u]^=1,swap(v[u][0],v[u][1]);return;}
int mid=l+r>>1;push_down(u);
if (qr<=mid) update(u<<1,l,mid,ql,qr);
else if (ql>mid) update(u<<1^1,mid+1,r,ql,qr);
else update(u<<1,l,mid,ql,qr),update(u<<1^1,mid+1,r,ql,qr);
inline node Query(int u,int l,int r,int ql,int qr){
if (l>=ql&&r<=qr) return v[u][0];
int mid=l+r>>1;push_down(u);
if (qr<=mid) return Query(u<<1,l,mid,ql,qr);
else if (ql>mid) return Query(u<<1^1,mid+1,r,ql,qr);
else return Query(u<<1,l,mid,ql,qr)+Query(u<<1^1,mid+1,r,ql,qr);
int main(){
For(i,1,n) a[i]=read()&1;
while (q--){
int opt=read(),l=read(),r=read();
if (opt==2) puts(t.Query(1,1,n,l,r).f[0]&1?"2":"1");
else if (read()&1) t.update(1,1,n,l,r);

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