SQLite It's an old lightweight local file database , Completely free and open source , No installation required , No configuration , Of course , In this way, the management function is not very powerful , But its main application is also in the local database , It can be said that it is the most simple and easy to use embedded local database .

SQLite As long as a DLL You can achieve all the functions .SQLite No database engine is needed , There's only one data file , It takes very little system resources , It's very suitable Demo Or small applications .

meanwhile ,SQLite It's also a relational database , Support most SQL sentence . It supports transaction mechanism and blob data type , Support most SQL92 standard , Maximum support database to 2T.

It has Python、Tcl、PHP、Java The binding of , These languages can be used directly SQLite database , Because they contain support in themselves ; also ODBC Interface , Very easy to use .

SQLite Some of the basic operations of are the same as SQL Is very similar , Basically there are SQL You can see the basic .

SQLite There are a lot of image viewing tools for , such as SQLiteSpy、SQLiteBrowser etc. .

SQLite The default is utf8 code , Use pragma encoding You can see the coding of the database .

After building the database , You can input “pragma encoding = UTF8/UTF16” To change the code , But with the data in the database , The code can't be changed .

SQLite The source code of http://www.sqlite.org get . About SQLite Further syntax and information , Please refer to http://www.sqlite.com.cn/http://www.sqlitecn.org.

delphi Use in sqlite3

Here's one delphi Use in sqlite3 Of demo:http://www.itwriting.com/blog/articles/a-simple-delphi-wrapper-for-sqlite-3/comment-page-2

This demo It contains sqlite3.pas,sqlite3table.pas,sqlite.dll Three files , It contains operations sqlite3 Source code , Using these three files , You don't need third-party components

Add step :

  1. take simple sqlite 3.0 for delphi Medium sqlite3.pas,sqlite3table.pas Copy to the folder where the project is located . And add these two files to the project .
  2. Copy sqlite.dll To build exe File folder . This is based on personal settings .

Preliminary test

  1. quote SQLiteTable3.pas unit .
  2. Create one on the form called btnVersion The button (Tbutton). stay btnVersion Of click Write the following code in the event .
    procedure TfrmAbout.btnVersionClick(Sender: TObject);
    SqliteDB :TSQLiteDatabase;
    SqliteDB :=TSQLiteDatabase.Create('');
    showmessage('Sqlite dll version:'+SqliteDb.version);

Compile operation , If you succeed , The current sqlite dll Version number of

Simple working principle description

stay simple sqlite3.0 for delphi In a few of the documents in , Two files are used . Namely sqlite3.pas,sqlite3table.pas.

  1. sqlite3.pas Realization sqlite.dll Interface external definition of .
  2. sqlite3table.pas Simple access function encapsulation .

stay delphi in , adopt sqlite3table.pas To achieve the right sqlite All kinds of access to the database .

Read and write data

There's one called test.db Of sqlite Database files , Generated in compilation exe Directory of files . There is one called testTable Table for .

Here is the basis demo Put forward and practice the reading and writing sentences :

 unit TestSqlite;
Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
Dialogs, StdCtrls, SQLiteTable3; type
TForm1 = class(TForm)
lbl1: TLabel;
ebID: TEdit;
ebName: TEdit;
lbl2: TLabel;
lbl3: TLabel;
ebNumber: TEdit;
memNotes: TMemo;
btnTest: TButton;
procedure btnTestClick(Sender: TObject);
{ Private declarations }
{ Public declarations }
end; var
Form1: TForm1; implementation {$R *.dfm} procedure TForm1.btnTestClick(Sender: TObject);
slDBpath: string;
sldb: TSQLiteDatabase;
sltb: TSQLIteTable;
sSQL: String;
Notes: String; begin
slDBPath := ExtractFilepath(application.exename)
+ 'test.db';
sldb := TSQLiteDatabase.Create(slDBPath);
if sldb.TableExists('testTable') then
sSQL := 'DROP TABLE testtable';
sSQL := sSQL + '[Name] VARCHAR (255),[Number] FLOAT, [notes] BLOB, [picture] BLOB COLLATE NOCASE);';
sldb.execsql('CREATE INDEX TestTableName ON [testtable]([Name]);'); //begin a transaction
sSQL := 'INSERT INTO testtable(Name,OtherID,Number,Notes) VALUES ("Some Name",4,587.6594,"Here are some notes");';
//do the insert
sSQL := 'INSERT INTO testtable(Name,OtherID,Number,Notes) VALUES ("Another Name",12,4758.3265,"More notes");';
//do the insert
//end the transaction
// reason : It's on disk as a file , Open the file every time you visit , If there are a lot of operations on the database , Very slow .
// terms of settlement : Submit in the form of things , Because after starting the business , A large number of operations are stored in memory ,
// Write all to the database when you commit , here , Database files are only opened once . If the operation is wrong , You can also roll back transactions . //query the data
sltb := sldb.GetTable('SELECT * FROM testtable');
if sltb.Count > then
begin //display first row
//display second row
ebName.Text := sltb.FieldAsString(sltb.FieldIndex['Name']);
ebID.Text := inttostr(sltb.FieldAsInteger(sltb.FieldIndex['ID']));
ebNumber.Text := floattostr( sltb.FieldAsDouble(sltb.FieldIndex['Number']));
Notes := sltb.FieldAsBlobText(sltb.FieldIndex['Notes']);
memNotes.Text := notes;
end; finally
end; finally
end; end.

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