mysql in show It contains a lot of instructions , for example show table status, show innodb And so on. ,

Today we'll talk about mysql in SHOW  INDEX FROM tableName

The table used in this example has sql sentence

`id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'id Self increasing , Primary key ',
`name` varchar(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT ' User name ',
`sex` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT ' User's gender ,0 A secret ,1 Woman ,2 male ',
`score` int(3) NOT NULL COMMENT ' fraction ',
`class_id` varchar(12) NOT NULL COMMENT ' class ',
`school_id` int(11) NOT NULL COMMENT ' School id',
`created_time` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT ' Creation time ',
`updated_time` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT ' Update time ',

Let's create three indexes first :

 CREATE INDEX name_Index ON `user`(`name`(5));
2 CREATE INDEX school_Index ON `user`(`school_id`);
3 CREATE INDEX class_score_Index ON `user`(`class`, `score`);


stay mysql Website in He explained the following fields like this

table : The name of the table

Non_unique :   If the column index does not include duplicate values, then 0 Otherwise 1

Key_name : The index name , If it's a primary key Then for PRIMARY

Seq_in_index : The serial number of the sequence in the index , from 1 Start , If it's a composite index Then the fields are listed in the order they were indexed Such as ('c1', 'c2', 'c3') that Respectively 1, 2, 3

Column_name : Column name

Collation :  How columns are stored in indexes . stay MySQL in , Valuable ‘A’( Ascending ) or NULL( No order )

Cardinality :   An estimate of the number of unique values in the index , By running  ANALYZE TABLE or myisamchk -a  To update , The cardinality is counted according to the statistics stored as integers , So it's not necessary to be too precise for small tables , And for big data tables , The larger the modification, the more the combination ,MySQL The machine that uses the index The bigger it will be .

Sub_part : Length of index , If it is partially indexed Then the value represents the length of the index , If the whole column is indexed, then null, for example name_Index and school_Index Two indexes , Compare the above two indexes when they are created

Packed :  Indicates how keywords are compressed . If it's not compressed , Then for NULL

Null : If the value of the column has NULL, It is YES Otherwise NO..

Index_type : The indexing method used (BTREE, FULLTEXT, HASH, RTREE)

Commnet :  Information about indexes that are not described in their columns

Index_comment :  Any comment on an index that provides an annotation property for index creation

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