The main idea of the topic : Given n The number and two lengths are n*5 Sequence , Every number happens to be 5 Time , Find the... Of two sequences LCS

n<=20000. The length of the sequence is 10W. Simple O(n^2) It's bound to time out

So we think about LCS Some properties of

LCS The decision +1 Is the condition of a[i]==b[j] So we recorded a Of every number in the sequence 5 A place

Sweep it b[i] For each of these b[i] find b[i] stay a Medium 5 A place this 5 Every one of the positions f[pos] Values can be b[i] to update So I found f[1] To f[pos-1] The maximum of +1 to update f[pos] Can

This is maintained with a tree array Time complexity O(nlogn)

A very difficult question It's just not hard to write

#define M 200200
using namespace std;
int n,ans,a[M*5],b[M*5],c[M*5],f[M*5],pos[M][6];
void Update(int x,int y)
int Get_Ans(int x)
int re=0;
return re;
int main()
int i,j;
pos[ a[i] ][ ++pos[a[i]][0] ]=i;
int k=pos[b[i]][j];
f[k]=max( f[k] , Get_Ans(k-1)+1 );

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