Look at the data sheet


Look at the detailed structure of the data table


Create data table

CREATE TABLE Table name ( Data name type , Data name 1   type 2);

 CREATE TABLE department (
d_id INT(10) ,
d_name VARCHAR(20) ,
function VARCHAR(20) ,
address VARCHAR(30)

Delete data table

DROP TABLE Table name ;

Modify data sheet

  • Modify data table name        ALTER TABLE The old name of the table RENAME The new name of the table
  • Modify property name           ALTER TABLE Table name CHANGE The old name of the table   New property name     data type
  • Modify attribute data type   ALTER TABLE Table name MODIFY   Property name   data type
  • Add a property        ALTER TABLE   Table name  ADD   Property name   data type
  • Delete attribute        ALTER TABLE  Table name   DROP   attribute

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