The girl with the gold bar left
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The girl with the gold bar

If it wasn't for my little sister , I dare not send it . When we chat after work , My little sister said that I didn't see that article . ok . It's coming , I'm waiting for your reward .


What's the origin of this young lady , You have to boast first , After all, it has been

Blessings from friends

Please forgive me for taking a screenshot without your permission , If you feel offended , Let me send a red envelope .

5.20 了 Say hello to those former colleagues

a sunny day , When can I get the pickles you owe me .

The south wind , When can I cook some more corn , Dining team I miss you a little .

, The dinner is arranged , Anyway, the evidence is here .

Let's talk about what we've done these days .

About the future direction

I read fan Lao's article a few days ago , Deeply touched . Think about it , In the future, we will focus on consolidating the theory of testing + Test case design , database + The algorithm ensures no hindrance . Interface automation framework -- Interface test platform --- Data construction platform Part of this is finished this year . article , The code can record video , It may need to be polished at least 3 All over . It's not good at the moment , I feel like I have no soul , It can only be called study notes .

The bottleneck of performance test has been achieved , Put it first , Don't focus on this in the future . Anyway, the routine , technological process , What needs to be done is basically clear , It's not hard to do it . The rest is tuning , If necessary , It's not a big problem to cooperate with the development . The boss of this small business can't afford to pay , The benefits don't look high , So considering that there is no profit at present , It's only a bonus .

The official account is insisting on writing. , Take notes of what you have learned before , Combined with practice , Start original , Rewrite the article several times , Try to be satisfied with what you write first .

If you can , Take time to improve the use cases in your work , Turn all that is suitable for automation into automation . I don't know if I have time , After all, I have to learn other things at night .

Thoughts on the work

Because I'm in business

Center and multi domain synchronization test

I really don't want to touch this project , Requirements change frequently , Many patches , The quality of measurement is poor , Complex environment construction , I've been a pot bearer for many times . Don't say the , Ten thousand words are omitted here . Besides, I'm going to swear .

After receiving this task, I knew it was too difficult to complete . Why? ? The configuration service has been tested, but the test has not ; Permission synchronization does not test . More importantly, the person in charge of the configuration service has gone , I need it First the function is verified, then the performance is tested . Two jobs mixed together , But only one time .

There is a problem with the configuration service script , Just give up , But the leader didn't agree . I'd like to talk to my former colleagues . It's a lot of pressure . Fortunately, my colleague and I are villagers , It's a good relationship , It's very reliable .

After communication , He tested himself . He has always stressed that the documentation given is correct , But I can't adjust it by myself . What shall I do? ? Then stick to it . Compared with the lower domain 1 The script of , Discovery domain 2 There's something missing in this one , The center also lacks subscription information . There are still several configurations that need to be changed . With a try attitude , succeed . Still a little excited .

It's a lot of digging . The script of the database has been basically understood . The problem was successfully completed .

If this colleague hadn't worked from home , I guess I don't have time to talk so much with you . Um. , Thanks again .

Something new happened today , The garbage server seems to be tired out , Go on tomorrow .

Benefit time

Don't ask me why I recommend a few official account numbers as welfare. . I can only tell you quietly to pay attention earlier , To avoid regret .

Test and develop dry goods

Group leader , Piggy carrying handle , People with stocks , It will take one year for the handover , I won't introduce anything else , Besides, I'm afraid to scare you .

Test and development pit goods

Invincible brother , A great big guy . Once in harrow , Full of luck , A large state-owned enterprise , Now I've changed my job. It seems that I'm in a big factory . Brother invincible, you see , Leave a message , I'll give you the top .

Test Development

Nine women management , No one in the group has a better position . Algorithm master , Cat lover . The identity is a bit mysterious , Leave me a message for the rest ?

Test and develop second product

Big brother on the list , The gold Lord is also . It's said that there's no money left at home , Running with a group of girls every day , Saturday / I have to play badminton on Sunday , With my sister again . I don't know if it's self-discipline or something else .

Practical course of test development

At the beginning, the article was quite watery , Just call it Test and develop parallel products , Later, he changed his name .

It's a piece of cake , At present, there is not much hope , I just want to set an example for those who are in the third place , We're still very good at fighting .

Okay , That's all for today . The water is out .

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