Only use markdown to write good-looking resume, online resume application is on the stage!
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As we all know, golden three silver four is the season of recruitment , All the major Internet companies have started spring recruitment . Recently, a lot of people came to me to help me with my resume , The template of the resume can be described as uneven , It's too cool , There are also some friends who put word I lost it , The typesetting is a mess .

After some research , Most people still use resumes, and the most common way is word、 The second is Markdown.

As an Internet worker ,Markdown It can be said that in the usual way of writing documents . assume , Can I design an online site by writing Markdown, And can give Markdown Diverse themes .

Always stand on the shoulders of giants when doing things , I found better ones on the Internet Markdown The resume editor is < Cold bear resume > 了 , But his template is relatively single , And it seems that the maintenance efforts are relatively general . I also investigated my usual typesetting tools based on writing articles , It can be said that with a simple Markdown To achieve different typesetting will make the whole process easier .

And I went to the market to research some common solutions

Wood and resume Cold bear resume markdown-resume Word Five hundred Ding / Super resume
pay free free Open source Payment activation Paid export
Open source or not yes no Open source no no
How to edit Markdown Markdown Gridding +Markdown word Gridding
Ease of use ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️ ️️️
export pdf Support Poor support Poor support Support Support
Templates diversification A single diversification diversification diversification
Custom template Soon to launch I won't support it I won't support it Support I won't support it

To sum up , At present, resume editors have the following choices :

  • Simple templates , The typesetting is not good
  • Complex templates , It's nice, but it takes a lot of time

Based on the above background , So I developed Wood and resume . Just through pure Markdown , You can make a good resume in a very simple way .

Online address :

Online address :

Online address :

Say important things three times !


The basic way

Now let's appreciate how convenient this application is ! If we have one of the following Markdown Resume files .

#  autumn wind  -  Front end engineer 

Blog : [](

Gihtub: [](

Nuggets : [](

mailbox : [](

WeChat : qiufengblue

##  Introduce
On 2015 I began to contact the front end in , I love coding , Yes Geek The spirit of , I'm obsessed with code cleanliness , Like to touch cutting edge technology , Love toss .

Province of acquisition 、 National Competition Awards xx term ,( Including the first prize of Zhejiang college students' Multimedia competition xx term ).
Preside over and participate in the provincial 、 National projects xx term ; publish one’s thesis xx piece , among xx piece EI Indexes .

##  Work
### xxxx
In a part-time job ..

### xxxx
Front end architecture group
Front end error monitoring system ( infrastructure )( person in charge )  Access volume pv:3000w
  - web End js-sdk Development , Non intrusive access , After compression, only 2kb.
  -  Collection end Node Development , Distributed storage logs .
  -  Alibaba cloud log service analysis , And common data analysis .
  - echart Build a visualization platform .
Front end performance monitoring system ( person in charge )  Access pv: 1000w
  - web End js-sdk Development , Support user-defined reporting and automatic reporting , Non intrusive .
  -  Collection end Node Development ,Elasticsearch Cluster storage logs .
  - Elasticsearch Of Node Module development , Encapsulating query aggregation module by time dimension .
  -  Visualization platform , utilize redis Cache optimized queries , Elimination algorithms work together .
Screenshot of landing page (Node project )
  -  utilize puppeteer Development screenshot .
  -  utilize clustor Multithreaded development , The speed has changed from 60 Minutes to 8 minute , Increase by about 7 times (300 Zhang Ting ).
  -  Develop custom queue patterns , avoid Node End lost request .
webpack plug-in unit (webpack-plugin-inner-script) Address
  -  Automatically rewrite the form of outer chain into the form of inner chain .

##  Skill
### Web Basics
Have a good command of HTML5/CSS3, Responsive layout and mobile development
understand ES6/ES7,Webpack
Yes Antd Design,Element UI,Muse UI Build project experience
understand Hybrid Development and Electron Desktop development ,liunx Server building experience ,Nginx To configure
Mac Development users , be familiar with Git Team work , Yes PS There is a certain foundation

Based on the above Markdown You can quickly generate the following template styles , And can export Markdown + pdf.

But here's the thing , Due to the limitation of template , We need to write the standard Title level .

In the process of writing your resume , Use First level title To start with , It is often used to describe the theme and title of the whole , The common one is , The name of the applicant + The mode of job hunting

for example :

# autumn wind - Front end engineer

This will not only let the interviewer see the purpose of your resume at a glance , Because in practice , A lot of students didn't indicate the direction of delivery , It's easy to cause the wrong delivery direction .

In the process of writing content , It is recommended to use Secondary title To write .

for example :

## educational background

## Work experience

## Project experience

## Basic skills

Rich templates

This project provides the default 4 There are three ways for you to choose , More templates will be launched in the future .

Theme color change

Not only can we change templates , When it contains Changeable color Template , You can also change the overall theme color of the template .

It's very nice to change the theme color ?

Left right structure

In order to break through the tradition Markdown The vertical layout of , The introduction of custom containers , The inspiration for the scheme comes from vuepress.


In our editor , Use the left and right containers to , It's easy to achieve left and right layout .


rich icon

At present, it supports the shortcut of some icons , Help you to , It can help you put it on icon, To beautify your resume .



[icon:juejin  Nuggets ](


icon:weixin qiufengblue

Customize html

Insert a picture

In this project, we have opened a new way to html Parsing , So we can also use things like gihtub-readme-stats This kind of service , Insert a picture into our document .

#  autumn wind  -  Front end engineer 

::: left

<img style="display:block; margin: 0 0 0 30px" src="">


::: right


[icon:juejin  Nuggets ](


icon:weixin qiufengblue


You can also put this picture anywhere you like .

Custom tag

You can also add some custom label styles , Give Way Markdown It's freer to write ~ , For example, to implement custom styles Tag

<span style="background: #ddd; padding: 5px"> front end </span>

Export mode

Support md Import and export , It also supports pdf Export mode of . The back end uses puppeteer The way , Can maximize the reduction of html How to present . Compared with the traditional front-end export image style pdf Has the following advantages :

  • Words can be copied 、 Links can be clicked
  • Paging is more friendly
  • The content is clearer

Principle realization

The front end uses codemirror As editor , markdown-it Conduct Markdown Rendering of .

The back end uses serverless +puppeteer The way , Pay by volume , The only drawback is that there will be functions destroyed ( The minimum 1 Instance survives , Configuration to be studied ), When leading to export , If the instance is destroyed , There is a certain probability that it will fail , If it fails, it is recommended to try again .( This problem will be solved as soon as possible )

Follow up planning

  • Support A4 Preview mode on paper
  • Cloud storage and synchronization
  • Share, collaborate and revise your resume
  • Check your resume online ( Mobile compatible )
  • Expand the official template (4 individual )
  • You can customize and add templates ( Users can contribute templates )
  • Template square ( Everyone can share themselves DIY Template to square )

Write at the end

Finally, thank you very much for your girlfriend @ Nanxi Participate in the construction of the project together , Write all the interfaces of the back end .

Open source address :

This project is young , There are a lot of questions , I hope you can put forward more valuable opinions .

You are also welcome to give a speech ️ Give support and encouragement .

I hope this project can help Kim San Yin four People looking for jobs ( If you don't find it, you can collect it and use it later .️

Welcome to your attention

Please bring the original link to reprint ,thank
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