memset Is a function that is often used to initialize arrays , Its definition is as follows :

void * memset ( void * ptr, int value, size_t num );

Its effect is to take ptr Is the starting address , The length is num In a memory range of bytes , The value of each byte is set to value.

There is a strange phenomenon here , Why? value The type of is declared to be int, But only the lowest byte is used ? Or why memset Only one byte value is needed to fill in , But it requires the user to pass in a int?

This has to come from C89 Speaking of standards , It is said that in C89 Before the standard comes out ,C The declaration of the function prototype is not mandatory in the code of , If a function call comes before its declaration , The compiler assumes a statement . for instance :

void bar() {
   int a = foo(5);
int foo( int x) {
   return x + 1;

In this code ,foo stay bar In the called , But the statement came after it , Today's compilers give compiler errors , But in C89 Before , The compiler depends on the statement of the function call ,int a = foo(5) Let's guess foo Function prototype of , For example, the value passed in is 5, It's just one. int, The return value is also a int.

So , In some old code ,memset Can occur before it is declared . But in C89 after , Function declaration becomes required , therefore memset It has to be declared first , At this point, in order to take care of the existing code , Such as

void * memset ( array, 0, sizeof (array) );

Even for char Array assignment memset, Such as

void * memset ( array, 'a' , sizeof (array) );

character constants ( Such as ’a') stay C Language is also considered to be int type , therefore memset You can only use the prototype of int 了 ……

That is to say , It's accepting ‘a’ Type of character , The actual type is int


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