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There is one coding test I'll give you a int n, a string float Number of numbers , I want you to print the current number in real time to the previous number n This is the number n The maximum of the number , No, n The number is the maximum of the first few numbers . You can use it here cartesian tree,label Records are subscripts of numbers ,p Represents the value . The insertion operation is lg(n), The deletion operation is also lg(n), The total complexity is Nlg(n).

 #include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cstdio> using namespace std; class treap_node
int label;
float p;
treap_node *left;
treap_node *right;
left = NULL;
right = NULL;
}; class treap:treap_node
treap_node *root;
root = NULL;
void treap_left_rotate(treap_node* &a)
treap_node *b = a->right;
a->right = b->left;
b->left = a;
a = b;
void treap_right_rotate(treap_node* &a)
treap_node *b = a->left;
a->left = b->right;
b->right = a;
a = b;
void treap_insert(treap_node* &a, int &label, float &p)
if (!a)
a = new treap_node;
a->label = label;
a->p = p;
else if (label > a->label)
treap_insert(a->right, label, p);
if (a->right->p > a->p)
treap_insert(a->left, label, p);
if (a->left->p < a->p)
void treap_delete_smallestP(treap_node* &a)
treap_node *p = a;
treap_node *pre = NULL;
while (p->left != NULL)
pre = p;
p = p->left;
if (pre != NULL)
pre->left = p->right;
a = p->right;
void plist(treap_node *a)
if (a != NULL)
cout << "(";
cout << a->label << "/" << a->p;
cout << ")";
}; int atoi(char *s)
int ret = ;
while (*s != '\0') {
ret = ret * + (int)(*s - '');
return ret;
} int main(int argc, char **argv)
if (argc != ) {
cout << "invalid input" << endl;
return ;
//cout << argv[1] << " " << argv[2] << endl;
ifstream fin(argv[]);
if (!fin) {
cout << "unable to open the file" << endl;
return ;
int n = atoi(argv[]);
int count = ;
treap *p = new treap;
float s;
while (fin >> s) {
cout << s << " ";
if (count >= n)
p->treap_insert(p->root, count, s);
cout << p->root->p << endl;
return ;

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