1. Recording error
    1) Record this machine WebTours Or the recording local website cannot be opened
    When send use Vista With after Of fuck do system system when , Meeting Out present The ask topic . this yes from On stay Ben The earth Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host The following is added to the document :

 ::1 localhost

Delete it and it will return to normal .

2) When recording a web page , The browser automatically closes as soon as it opens , Or the browser doesn't respond
    This is due to the IE Third party plug-in support is opened in , Generally installed QTP There will be this problem .
Just open it IE The Properties menu for , Find advanced options , Turn off the third-party plug-in support .
At the same time, you can check IE Turn off its protection mode , also Windows DEP Data execution protection is fundamental Windows
Programs and services .
    3) There was an error in the browser when recording started
    This problem is usually due to system installation or IE Version incompatibility ,VuGen 11 Highest compatibility IE 9.0.
    4) There is no script after recording the web operation
    VuGen Recording only supports IE, It's not very compatible with third-party browsers (LR11 Start supporting FireFox
Some versions ).
    5) The recording native page can be opened without recording to any Events
    The requested address at the time of recording is or Localhost when , This problem happens occasionally , The system is real
IP address .
    6) When recording, it always indicates that the server cannot be accessed
    Consider checking IE Proxy settings for . stay Load Runner 8.x There are often VuGen in
Automatic override of proxy settings for IE 7.0 The phenomenon of .
    7) When recording, there was Events But there's no script to stop recording
    You can set the port mapping in the recording options to force the system to use certain filtering rules for recording special ports .
    8) Use VuGen Start some applications to record , Application failed to start
    Not all clients can be VuGen load , At this time, because this client has a certain self-protection function ,
This kind of client can't be used basically VuGen It was recorded directly , In this case, if you know the client and the server
Protocol format on server side , Then you can write your own request to complete the script development .
    9) start-up VuGen The recording goes wrong
    Generally, this is related to the data protection of the system . Open advanced in computer properties , Protect and modify the data
by “ Just basic Windows Programs and services enabled DEP”.
2. Playback error
    In some cases , Playback of the script will fail , Generally, the reasons for script playback failure are as follows
several :
    1) There is a dynamic part of the data in the script
    For example, a script is to access an image , But the image was deleted on the server when it was played back again , that
When the script is played back, errors will naturally occur , Indicates that the object cannot be found . The solution is to modify the code , It's useless to delete
The object of , Or processing dynamic data through Association .

2) The script did not record all protocol requests
    When the system uses multiple protocols , If the recording protocol we choose does not include all , There will be a miss request
The situation of , In playback, due to the lack of simulation of partial requests , This will cause subsequent requests to be rejected by the server ,
Naturally, playback will fail . The solution is to confirm the system protocol through analysis , Make sure all requests are recorded .
    3) There is a problem with the system
In some ways ,VuGen It's a protocol based Trojan , May be part of the antivirus software or firewall
Interference and influence , The server cannot be accessed normally . The solution is to turn off unnecessary firewalls and antivirus while recording
Software .
    4) Inappropriate association or checkpoint functions have been added to the script
    When the automatic recording association rule is turned on in the recording options , The recorded script will automatically add the close that meets the rules
Join function , If the association function fails to capture the target in accordance with the rules during playback, an error will be prompted . The solution is to build
It is recommended to enable this function after in-depth understanding of association . For checkpoint functions , close Fail Function can be .
    5) Server connection error
    The server could not connect , Causes script playback to fail .
    Generally speaking, playback errors can be recorded through logs or Test Results Location of screenshots in , When there is a certain amount of code debugging
After ability , It can be solved easily .

Excerpt from : Advanced performance testing guide ——LoadRunner 11 actual combat ( The first 2 edition )

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