1、_LayOut.cshtml File for mvc Layout file for , What's in it htm Static files for , As mvc other view The basic master of , Sub view or call it just in page setup @{Layout=null;} that will do , Now for some of the grammar inside to explain :

@RenderBody() This layout is used by default for all pages (WebForm The template of ), It can only be called once on a page , Son view You can share resources with them, such as js、css etc. ;

@RenderPage("url") It is equivalent to a place where all the contents of the page are rendered by the engine . For example, the fixed head of a web page can be placed in a shared view file , Then call... From the layout page through this method , Usage is as follows :@RenderPage("~/Views/Shared/_Header.cshtml")

  @RenderSecion("scripts",required:true|false) This placeholder represents : A section in the page will be rendered here ( It can be html The code can also be c# Code and Html The combination of ). Parameters url Represents the name of the section rendered on the subpage ,required Represents the declaration of whether the node must appear in the subpage , If it is set to true If the sub page does not contain this node, an error will be reported . If we want to use the default section on the master page, we can make the following judgment :




}  else   {

<span> Default section </span>


If the sub page has this section, we will render the sub page's , If not, our default Html block ( for example : The head of the website , Bottom , Sidebar, etc ).

Basic grammar

@using : Introduce namespace

  1. @model: Declare strongly typed data Model type
  2. @section: Define the section information to implement the master page
  3. @RenderBody(): When creating a view based on this layout page , The content of the view is merged with the layout page , The content of the newly created view will be displayed through the @RenderBody() Methods are rendered between tags .
  4. @RenderPage: Render a page . For example, the fixed head of a web page can be placed in a shared view file , Then call... From the layout page through this method , Usage is as follows :
  5. @RenderPage("~/Views/Shared/_Header.cshtml")
  6. @RenderSection: The layout page also has sections (Section) The concept of , It is convenient for local presentation

Code block :

@{ Code block }

@if ( Conditions ) { Code block }

@switch ( Conditions ) { Branches match code blocks }

@for ( Cycle control ) { Code block }

@foreach ( Cycle control ) { Code block }

@while ( Cycle control ) { Code block }

@do { Code block } while ( Cycle control ) 『 The code in the code block should be strictly in accordance with c# Syntax to , There must be a semicolon at the end of each line 』

Reference to external documents

  1. @Scripts.Render("url") ;
  2. @Styles.Render("url");

stay Razor If you need to let your own class have intelligent prompt function under the engine , Just add your own class's namespace to view/webconfig Of <pages><namespaces> Under the node .

stay mvc4.0 Use in URLHelper and HTMLHelper It feels very practical , such as Use @Html.Actions("ViewName","ControllerName",new {params}); More than traditional stitching url More convenient , The relative path calculation error is avoided ;

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