Arguments.callee :

Returns what is being executed Function object , That is to say, the designated Function The body of the object .
optional function Parameter is currently executing Function The name of the object .
explain :callee The initial value of the property is what is being executed Function object .
callee The attribute is arguments A member of the object , It represents a reference to the function object itself , This is good for recursion of anonymous functions or for encapsulation of functions , For example, recursive computation in the following example 1 To n The sum of the natural numbers of . This property is only available when the related function is executing . What needs more attention is callee Have length attribute , This property is sometimes better used for validation .arguments.length It's an actual parameter ,arguments.callee.length Is the parameter length , So we can judge whether the length of formal parameter is consistent with the length of actual parameter .

//callee Be able to print itself

 function calleeDemo() {

// Recursive computation

 var sum = function(n){
if (n <= ) return ;
else return n+arguments.callee(n - );

More general recursive function :

 var sum = function(n){
if (==n) return ;
else return n + sum (n-);

Invocation time :alert(sum(100));
The function contains a pair of sum The quotation of oneself , A function name is just a variable name , Call... Inside the function sum It is equivalent to calling a global variable , Can not be well reflected in the call itself , Use this time callee It would be a better way .

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