I mentioned in my article that , It's possible to load some columns of a file . Two , You only have one column , That's all right. .

however , Two documents ,f1 and f2,f1 Yes 42 Column ,f2 Yes 43 Column , Load into a stream object at the same time , how ?

answer : Successfully loaded . But no structure (schema unknown),discribe See later :Schema for origin_cleaned_data unknown.

This situation is similar to union, Merge two objects with different columns , An unknown schema object is generated .

background : Because the old log 42 Column , Add one more column to the new log at 20 Column , because 20 Column cannot be followed by the same name , The total number of user clicks in the log . So load together , Unified statistics .

( If you know the type of log for different dates , You can read in , Specify a clear pattern , And then use onschema Conduct uion, In separate statistics . It's a pity to accept the project , I'm not sure when I changed it online )

sampling : Old journal log_without.txt, New log log_with_android_ad_id.txt

The code is as follows

REGISTER piggybank.jar;

DEFINE SequenceFileLoader org.apache.pig.piggybank.storage.SequenceFileLoader();

%default cleanedLog /user/wizad/tmp/log_*

--%default cleanedLog1 /home/wizad/lmj/log_without.txt

--%default cleanedLog 2/home/wizad/lmj/log_with_android_ad_id.txt

origin_cleaned_data = LOAD '$cleanedLog' USING PigStorage(','); 

DUMP origin_cleaned_data;

DESCRIBE origin_cleaned_data;

Show results :

((null) 5,74,48809e40-b8d7-41a4-bf68-d0f8e28140ad,575356365101899146,2014-07-30 10:33:56,2014-07-30 10:33:56,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,-1,-1,lmj,-1,1ac2c73e-d93a-4801-a7ee-da05473d0585,48809e40-b8d7-41a4-bf68-d0f8e28140ad,02:00:00:00:00:00,1940064625594046032,,,,d70cc494,25100,206,,0,2,2,7.1,,,,42.833298,12.833298,120232210032202)

((null) 5,74,357633052513139,1033882907630785616,2014-07-30 11:15:05,2014-07-30 11:15:05,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,357633052513139,270f213575a4eda7,lmj,270f213575a4eda7,,,40:0e:85:40:0e:1a,-7537294162085162169,,,,7626e397,62713,206,,2,1,3,4.3,,,,37.774902,-122.4194,023010203333003)

((null) 5,74,e7a4afce-ffd9-4ecd-b916-39f9d793c218,207640323432175503,2014-07-30 10:29:22,2014-07-30 10:29:22,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,-1,-1,lmj,-1,14ea5e95237f34e278d7ac210173d6b8ad9d5026,e7a4afce-ffd9-4ecd-b916-39f9d793c218,02:00:00:00:00:00,1179719885610920154,,,,d4eeab6e,66104,101,,0,2,2,7.1,1,7,7,39.928894,116.388306,132100103322203)

((null) 5,74,48809e40-b8d7-41a4-bf68-d0f8e28140ad,575356365101899146,2014-07-30 10:33:56,2014-07-30 10:33:56,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,-1,-1,-1,1ac2c73e-d93a-4801-a7ee-da05473d0585,48809e40-b8d7-41a4-bf68-d0f8e28140ad,02:00:00:00:00:00,1940064625594046032,,,,d70cc494,25100,206,,0,2,2,7.1,,,,42.833298,12.833298,120232210032202)

((null) 5,74,302bd8f1-b974-4af5-8183-1f67d27410d6,367366268601246781,2014-07-30 10:07:57,2014-07-30 10:07:57,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,-1,-1,-1,c165376f9f76cf68862a505328b7ba7cd0cfa0b0,302bd8f1-b974-4af5-8183-1f67d27410d6,02:00:00:00:00:00,-488564527359896578,,,,103b14d3,25100,206,,0,2,2,7.1,,,,37.774902,-122.4194,023010203333003)

((null) 5,74,e7a4afce-ffd9-4ecd-b916-39f9d793c218,207640323432175503,2014-07-30 10:29:22,2014-07-30 10:29:22,1,57074,2,,,,,,,,,1,-1,-1,-1,14ea5e95237f34e278d7ac210173d6b8ad9d5026,e7a4afce-ffd9-4ecd-b916-39f9d793c218,02:00:00:00:00:00,1179719885610920154,,,,d4eeab6e,66104,101,,0,2,2,7.1,1,7,7,39.928894,116.388306,132100103322203)

Schema for origin_cleaned_data unknown.

One more column, the value is lmj The column of . You can see no structure .

union: Merge columns of different formats

(union Don't repeat it )

A = load 'input1' as (x:int, y:float);
B = load 'input2' as (x:int, y:chararray);
C = union A, B;
describe C;
 Show results :
Schema for C unknown

Two variables without column names union use onschema

We need to pay attention to : Use onschema, All input needs to be clear schema, otherwise , error . because union When merging , The comparison is by name and column type ( Can automatically convert from low level to high level ).

After the merger , The empty column will make up for null.

A = load 'input1' as (w: chararray, x:int, y:float);
B = load 'input2' as (x:int, y:double, z:chararray);
C = union onschema A, B;
describe C;
result :
C: {w: chararray,x: int,y: double,z: chararray}

Give a not union Code example of

%default cleanedLog1 /home/wizad/lmj/log_without.txt

%default cleanedLog2 /home/wizad/lmj/log_with_android_ad_id.txt

origin1 = LOAD '$cleanedLog1' USING PigStorage(','); 

origin2 = LOAD '$cleanedLog2' USING PigStorage(',');

DESCRIBE origin1

DESCRIBE origin2

origin = union origin1,origin2

result :

origin1 and origin2 Show Schema for origin2 unknown.

therefore origin Can't generate

pig Load two files with different number of fields ?load file with different items(f1 Yes 42 Column ,f2 Yes 43 Columns read into an object ) More articles about

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