requestAnimationFrame yes HTML5 Essential functions for games and animation , be relative to setTimeout or setInterval It has two advantages , One is that its registered callback function is synchronized with the browser's rendering , Never mind Timer The time interval is too long or too short . Second, the time interval is relative to Timer To be stable ,requestAnimationFrame The highest execution frequency of the registered callback function is 60FPS, Although in HTML5 It's usually not in the game , But the time interval between its two calls is longer than Timer Stable . Some time ago I was CanTK Runtime I simulated it myself in the library requestAnimationFrame, For a deeper understanding Chrome To realize requestAnimationFrame Method , Took a little time to read Blink Code for .

requestAnimationFrame The basic usage is as follows :

var start = null;
var element = document.getElementById("SomeElementYouWantToAnimate"); function step(timestamp) {
if (!start) start = timestamp;
var progress = timestamp - start; = Math.min(progress/10, 200) + "px";
if (progress < 2000) {
} window.requestAnimationFrame(step);

I'm more concerned about the registration and calling process of callback functions :

  • 1. Register the implementation of the callback function .


ScriptedAnimationController::CallbackId ScriptedAnimationController::registerCallback(FrameRequestCallback* callback)
CallbackId id = m_callbackCollection.registerCallback(callback);
return id;

You need to request redrawing after registration ,scheduleAnimationIfNeeded It will eventually be transferred to ThreadProxy::SendCommitRequestToImplThreadIfNeeded:


bool ThreadProxy::SendCommitRequestToImplThreadIfNeeded(
CommitPipelineStage required_stage) {
bool already_posted =
main().max_requested_pipeline_stage != NO_PIPELINE_STAGE;
main().max_requested_pipeline_stage =
std::max(main().max_requested_pipeline_stage, required_stage);
if (already_posted)
return false;
return true;
} void ThreadProxy::SetNeedsCommitOnImplThread() {
TRACE_EVENT0("cc", "ThreadProxy::SetNeedsCommitOnImplThread");
} void Scheduler::SetNeedsBeginMainFrame() {
  • 2. Implementation of callback function .


void ScriptedAnimationController::executeCallbacks(double monotonicTimeNow)
// dispatchEvents() runs script which can cause the document to be destroyed.
if (!m_document)
return; double highResNowMs = 1000.0 * m_document->loader()->timing().monotonicTimeToZeroBasedDocumentTime(monotonicTimeNow);
double legacyHighResNowMs = 1000.0 * m_document->loader()->timing().monotonicTimeToPseudoWallTime(monotonicTimeNow);
m_callbackCollection.executeCallbacks(highResNowMs, legacyHighResNowMs);
void FrameRequestCallbackCollection::executeCallbacks(double highResNowMs, double highResNowMsLegacy)
// First, generate a list of callbacks to consider. Callbacks registered from this point
// on are considered only for the "next" frame, not this one.
m_callbacksToInvoke.swap(m_callbacks); for (size_t i = 0; i < m_callbacksToInvoke.size(); ++i) {
FrameRequestCallback* callback = m_callbacksToInvoke[i].get();
if (!callback->m_cancelled) {
TRACE_EVENT1("devtools.timeline", "FireAnimationFrame", "data", InspectorAnimationFrameEvent::data(m_context, callback->m_id));
InspectorInstrumentationCookie cookie = InspectorInstrumentation::willFireAnimationFrame(m_context, callback->m_id);
if (callback->m_useLegacyTimeBase)
TRACE_EVENT_INSTANT1(TRACE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT("devtools.timeline"), "UpdateCounters", TRACE_EVENT_SCOPE_THREAD, "data", InspectorUpdateCountersEvent::data());
} m_callbacksToInvoke.clear();

This line of code m_callbacksToInvoke.swap(m_callbacks); It's interesting , In the loop execution of callbacks There will be new callback Sign in , When I do this function , I haven't seen this code , It took a little effort to figure out what to do .

The code above is created by RenderWidgetCompositor::BeginMainFrame Transferred :


void RenderWidgetCompositor::BeginMainFrame(const cc::BeginFrameArgs& args) {
double frame_time_sec = (args.frame_time - base::TimeTicks()).InSecondsF();
double deadline_sec = (args.deadline - base::TimeTicks()).InSecondsF();
double interval_sec = args.interval.InSecondsF();
WebBeginFrameArgs web_begin_frame_args =
WebBeginFrameArgs(frame_time_sec, deadline_sec, interval_sec);

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