《diskpart Command installation system summary 》

Today, I will install the system for my classmates ,win8 Change win7. Students are pre installed with win8 Association of y480, The partition table uses GPT Format , It took a long time to know .GPT Format is a new partition format , Compared with the traditional MBR The advantages of partition format are : Support 2T Above disk capacity ,MBR Up to 2T; Most support 128 Primary partitions ,MBR Only support 4 individual . in general , It's a new technology . But I think the bad part is ,GPT Is based on EFI( Extensible firmware interface ) Of , So to use it, you have to trade support EFI The motherboard . And it seems that it can only be installed 64 The system of . And for the vast number of people who use computers , It's not very practical . So I decided to switch back to the traditional MBR Partition format .

Checked the online tutorial , There are two options :

1. Using the command line diskpart command .

2. Use diskgenius Tools .

I chose the first method , Because I can just learn diskpart, This command is very useful .

Here is my learning experience .

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# Disk character 、 Volume label 、 disk 、 Partition 、 The understanding of volume #

Local disk D: —— 【D:】 yes Drive letter Or rather, Disk character ,【 Local disk 】 yes Volume label (label)

And the volume is simply with a drive letter , image :DVD-ROM、U disc 、 The hard disk is mounted on the computer to display C disc D disc H disc G All the disks are rolls .

Here diskpart Species LIST Command,

Input HELP LIST There will be

These lines of tips :

DISK - Print a list of disks .
PARTITION - Print a list of partitions on the current disk .
VOLUME - Print a list of volumes .

DISK It's disk. , Like a hard disk 、U Disks are disks .

PARTITION It's a partition , Divide the inside of the disk into parts , It's the zoning , image C disc D disc E Plate, etc. .

VOLUME It's a roll , image DVD-ROM、U disc 、 The hard disk is mounted on the computer to display C disc D disc H disc G All the disks are rolls .

# diskpart Command can write batch #

perform diskpart /s script.txt You can run the batch , Automatically partition the disk directly .

Another day can write a batch to play a try .

# The steps of partitioning #

1. Create partitions ( Creating a logical partition takes two steps , Create the extended partition first , Then create a logical partition based on the extended partition )

2. format partition

The partition is created in the free area ( After deleting the created partition, it is a free partition ) To create a , After creating a partition, there is no specific file format for the partition , There's no drive letter , Unable to display... In file list . Then format the partition , At this time, the partition will specify the specific file format ( Yes NTFS、FAT32 etc. ), Note that if no drive letter is assigned , The partition cannot be displayed in the file list ( use diskpart In the command format Command formatting does not automatically mount , It needs to be reused assign Manually assign drive letter mount ).

# diskpart Common commands #

diskpart - start-up diskpart, At this point, the beginning of the command line becomes diskpart> The appearance of , explain diskpart It runs in an integrated environment .

help - Can be in diskpart Add... To all of your orders help To see how to use the current command .

list - All disks can be listed 、 Partition 、 volume . List what you want according to your choice .

example :

list disk


disk ### state size You can use dynamic Gpt
-------- ---------- ------- ------- --- ---
disk 0 online 466 GB 222 GB
disk 1 online 932 GB 0 B

select - Choose focus . The focus is to select a disk or partition to operate on 、 Volume, etc .

example :

select disk 0


disk 0 Now it's the selected disk .

This time list disk command , Show :

disk ### state size You can use dynamic Gpt
-------- ---------- ------- ------- --- ---
* disk 0 online 466 GB 222 GB
disk 1 online 932 GB 0 B

Extra “*” It's the focus of choice .

detail - Display disk 、 Partition or volume details

example :

detail disk

Displays the details of the current disk

disk ID: 78563412
type : IDE
Bus : 0
The goal is : 0
LUN ID : 0

volume ### Ltr label Fs type size condition Information
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
volume 1 C Win XP NTFS Disk partition 49 GB In good condition System

volume 2 D NTFS Disk partition 195 GB In good condition page file

clean - Clear all data on the current disk , Be careful , It's all ! One command will clear all your data , Use with caution !

create - You can create partitions , Including the main partition 、 Extended partitions 、EFI Partition etc. , Very important orders , Familiar with .

example :

Create partition primary size=30720

among create partition Represents creating a partition .primary Indicates that the creation is the primary partition . If this position is logical: Represents a logical partition ,extended: Represents an extended partition .size: Represents the size of the partition , Company M.

active - Activate the primary partition , And format . Why activate ? because , After activation, partition information and unique active partition mark will be written to hard disk partition table , So when you start the computer BIOS It detects the operating system of the primary partition (io.sys file ), Then the operating system starts to control the boot right .ps: Extract

delete - Delete partition

assign -  Use  assign  Command to assign a drive letter or mount point to the volume currently in focus .

After the partition is formatted in the form of a command, no drive letter is assigned , So the partition cannot be displayed in the file list , So we need to use assign The command is manually hung on .

remove -  Use  remove  Command to delete the drive letter or mount point of the partition currently in focus .

convert - Partition format conversion command . You can use this command to convert mbr Partition format or gpt Partition format .

example :

convert mbr

convert gpt

exit - sign out diskpart

Freecode : www.cnblogs.com/yym2013

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