When the company designs a project , There is a need , The fields in the table are not unique , A table can have three fields , It could be five , But it has to be displayed on the page , Make this for me ui A little bit of trouble . Because I used to use easyui Of datagrid Inside columns Attributes are all fields in the corresponding database table , Now the fields don't know , How to use it? datagrid Display data ? I'm here to introduce the most stupid way , It's just stitching together columns Format of attributes , I admit that , My method is not efficient , But when you can't do it ,, This may be the solution to the problem , Of course, before we solve this problem , I also Baidu a bit , Tried something , There's a lot to change datagrid The method in , And the method from the new structure , I am a rookie , Too deep to understand , So we only use this method .

First step : Get all the columns of this table ,( You should know the name of the table ), I use it mysql database , So it's based on the table name sql yes :

select column_name from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.columns where table_name='tableName' and TABLE_SCHEMA='dbName';
tableName: It's the name of your watch :dbName: It's the name of your database . This article sql The result of statement execution is ( This is my watch ):

 This gets the fields of the table .
The second step : To write js Code , I'm not going to introduce how to get the background .
var array =[];
var columns=[];
success:function(data){//data The table field array passed from the background
columns[0][index]['field']= el['column_name'].toLocaleLowerCase();
columns[0][index]['title']= el['column_name'];
columns[0][index]['width']= "130";
fit:true,checkOnSelect:true, selectOnCheck:true, singleSelect:true,toolbar:'#queryToolbar',
pageSize : 5,
dataType: 'json',
pageList: [5,10,30,50,70,100],
pageNumber : 1,
 Their thinking :
First we know that datagrid colums The attribute format of is :[[{field:'createtime',title:' Creation time ',width:130},{field:'updatetime',title:' Update time ',width:130},]].
 At first I thought it was a string , But when I use console.info() When the output comes with a console , It turns out that it's an object , So in the beginning, string splicing was wrong . So to construct dynamically column The attribute format of , It must be in its original format .
So I define two arrays ,array[],colums[]( This columns It's my own array object , No datagrid Properties of ).
}); This method is for array Add a certain length of content , Let's put this array adopt push() Put in your own definition of columns in , So what we get columns The object format of is the same as datagrid equally , Then I will customize columns Pay to dagagrid Of columns attribute ( Don't faint ).
columns[0][index]['field']= el['column_name'].toLocaleLowerCase();( because field The value of must be lowercase , You know what you've used , In order to prevent you from using uppercase when creating fields in the database , So make a transition here )
columns[0][index]['title']= el['column_name'];
columns[0][index]['width']= "130";
}); This step is just defined for columns Array assignment , That is, the field name you get from the background . image formatter:functions(value,row,index){} You can also add , Two cycles are used here , It's annoying .
Once again, I admit that there are problems with efficiency , Welcome to comment and correct !

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