I always think that I want to have a deep understanding of a language , It's not just about turning yourself into sir, It needs more time to temper . What can stand the test of time is worth having . Learn and use Javascript All in a flash 7 Years. , Recently, I felt that I had an epiphany about him , I don't know if it's a little late . This paper summarizes my opinions on JS Understanding of the role of , I hope my study will help .

In particular : This is from the other side ( The coverage of function fields ) To explain and explain the execution context .

One 、 Theoretical understanding of scope

From the beginning Javascript when , Whether it's school teachers , Or the old driver you work for , I will take you seriously ,Js There is a global scope in , And then it contains a lot of subdomains ( Such as : from function、object Create the scope of ), A child domain can easily access any object in the parent domain . Do you feel empty about this statement , Difficult to understand . Now I will use the vast territory to give an example :

Through the above Image, Let me show you the charm of scope step by step .

1. First , The earth : We are all familiar with , He contains you , I , And all the countries in the world ( It doesn't matter here , Otherwise Hold Unable to live ), This must be Js Global scope in . The earth contains the sky 、 air , just as Js In this paper, the global role includes Number、String、Function、Object、Boolean、Regex Objects such as .

2. also : China 、 The United States 、 North Korea is three equal sub domains , They all use the earth The rights of this global scope , Such as launching a satellite . But the United States no longer understands North Korea , It's impossible to do anything in North Korea . Such as Js Can be used in any child scope of Number、String Objects such as , But there is no way to directly call the method of a scope level object .

3. Again : As a Chinese citizen , China's internal resources can be used in accordance with the law ( It's just that you either pay for it , Or someone with a tax ), If you want to buy something American , It needs to new What a treasure 、 Or something from the east to make a reference between China and the United States , And then you know . Such as Js When you need to access the contents of a peer scope in , Then you need to get the references that were accessed .

4. Last :bind,apply,call, It can be understood in this way ,bind It's to buy things in regular shopping malls ( beforehand You can see physical objects ), and apply and call It's purchasing on behalf of others ( Only video ).bind Change an action, but this function does not execute immediately , and apply and call It will be executed immediately .

Two 、 The sample code illustrates the scope

function Card(){
this.name = 'name';
Card.prototype.getName =function(callback){
return this.name;
} function PostCard(card){
this.name = "postCard"
this.card =card;
PostCard.prototype.getName =function(){
var _name = this.card.getName(function(){
console.log("callback: " + this.name);
console.log(_name + " " + this.name);
} var card = new Card();
var postCard = new PostCard(card);

1. The above code Card and PostCard As mentioned in the first part, China 、 The United States , They all have a common parent scope , Namely window( The earth )

2. Card and PostCard Is a flat scope , Such as PostCard Of getName Methods want to visit Card Of getName Method , You need to get Card References to , Such as PostCard Constructors Incoming card Example is to accomplish this thing .

3. Card Of getName Accept one callback The higher-order function of ( This is another topic , Functional programming ), Here, just remember that the input is a type of function It's just a formal parameter of . And then in Card Of getName Method callback, But here you have to pay attention to , perform callback There is no way or means to specify its scope , therefore callback The execution scope is window( The earth ).

4. Output results :

name postname

3、 ... and 、 Example code description bind\apply\call

function Direction(){
this.direction = "mid";
Direction.prototype.set =function(val){
this.direction = val;
} var direction = new Direction();
var dir02 = new Direction();
direction.set.call(direction, "right");
direction.set.apply(dir02, ["bottom"]); console.log(direction.direction);
console.log(dir02.direction); //bind
var tmp = direction.set.bind(dir02);
tmp("bind after");

This example code provides a Direction function , Then on this( The current instance ) The binding direction attribute , And in Direction The prototype is bound with set Method ( For modification this Upper direction).

1. adopt new Created Direction Two examples of direction,dir02

2. adopt call and apply Change the direction of the scope , Conduct set Method execution ,call Yes direction example , and apply Yes dir02 Example . It also shows call And apply The difference between , It's a list for parameter transfer , One is an array .

3. Through the output, you will find that , Although it's all called direction Example of set Method , But what's changed is this.direction But the corresponding instance property .

4. adopt bind Method to direction Example of set Methods and dir02 Binding , Then execute the binding , You'll find that change is still dir02 Example of direction attribute .

5. Output results

bind after

Four 、 Summary of scope

1. There is only one global scope , But there are countless sub scopes .

2. Scope creation and execution :

2.1 Create a stage [ Function called , But the internal code hasn't started yet ]

2.2 establish Scope chain

2.3 Create variables   function And parameters

2.4 decision this Value ( That's the scope , Or execution context )

2.5 Code execution [ assignment 、 Look for function references and explanations / Execute code ]

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