The author is Java A cute new front end , The computer has just undergone a transformation , And then I reloaded it Win10Pro, All development tools have to be re installed , After some tangle, I decided to take some development tools from Windows Up to Linux On , First of all, consider Ubuntu17.04, It's said that this is a desktop version of the classic Linux 了 , But maybe I have some wonderful flowers , Then install Ubuntu I don't think it's very enjoyable in the future , Then the main position was transferred to RedHat Come up. .

First RedHat What I choose is RedHat Enterprise Linux7, This is the current server used more of a Linux, So what? , We can directly do a good job of front-end, put it on the server, and then we can access it , Easy to develop and test , Some time ago, I introduced myself to red hat in the blog park 7 Install configuration on eclipse The experience of , Of course, the installation was very successful , You can use , What about me today , by Java Web Prepare for the development of , Then download the development tools , Here, I chose Apache's Tomcat, It's also mainstream web A kind of server , In order to keep up with the trend of software development , So here's what I chose Tomcat9.0 edition , Now I'd like to attach Tomcat Download link for :, The following is the download link of the document :, Yes, of course , Here's the download tar package , I believe most people should know tar Bag .

Just go into the installation process :

tar -xzvf apache-tomcat-9.0..M26.tar.gz # Use the unpack command to unpack 
cd apache-tomcat-9.0..M26 # Enter the unpacked Directory
#Tomcat It's the green version , So it can be used after unpacking , No need to install

So this seems to be done , But there is still a hidden danger when building the project , It may cause our server to start but not access normally in the next step .

Let's continue Tomcat Use process of :

First , Create a new one project(Dynamic Web project), Here's the picture :

Then we follow the guide step by step :

spot New Runtime


Then click browser choice Tomcat The path of , Below jre Choose the one you installed before jdk1.8, Finally, click finish

One more time finish

This creates a project

Now let's add server The server :

Click on the blue words in the picture

Tomcat It's the one you just chose , Then click next Just fine

Add the new project to , So the server loads successfully , So let me test the server :

Right click selection start, Turn on the server , Then open the Firefox, Input :http://localhost:8080/

It turns out that there's something wrong with the picture above :The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

The solution is as follows :

Right click Tomcat The server , Then choose add and remove, Let's remove the project we just added , Then double-click the server

This interface appears , Choose the second of the three options in the lower left corner , Then save , again add Just restart the server to find that it can be used :

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