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1. One stop solution for distributed application service development Spring Cloud Alibaba

Spring Cloud Alibaba One stop solution for distributed application service development . This project contains the necessary components for developing distributed application services , It's convenient for developers to pass through Spring Cloud The programming model easily uses these components to develop distributed application services .

Depending on the Spring Cloud Alibaba, You just need to add some annotations and a few configuration , It can be Spring Cloud Application access to Alibaba distributed application solution , Build distributed application system quickly through Alibaba middleware .

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2. JDBC Connection pool 、 Monitoring components Druid

Druid It's a JDBC Components .

Monitor database access performance .

Provides an efficient 、 Powerful 、 Database connection pool with good scalability .

Database password encryption .

SQL Execution log .

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3. Java Of JSON processor fastjson

fastjson Is a very good performance Java The realization of language JSON Parser and generator , Engineers from Alibaba develop .

The main features : Fast FAST ( More than anything else based on Java Our parsers and generators are faster , Include jackson); Powerful ( Support the common JDK Class includes any Java Bean Class、Collection、Map、Date or enum); Zero depends on ( There is no dependency on any other class library except JDK).

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4. Service Framework Dubbo

Apache Dubbo (incubating) | It is a high-performance product of Alibaba 、 Lightweight open source Java RPC frame , It provides three core competencies : Interface oriented remote method call , Intelligent fault tolerance and load balancing , And automatic service registration and discovery .

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5. Enterprise class streaming computing engine JStorm

JStorm It's a reference Apache Storm The framework of real-time streaming computing , On the Internet IO、 Threading model 、 Resource scheduling 、 Continuous improvement in usability and stability , It has been used by more and more enterprises .JStorm It can be seen as storm Of java Enhanced version , In addition to the kernel with pure java Out of implementation , It also includes thrift、python、facet ui. architecturally , Its essence is based on zk Distributed scheduling system .

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6. apns4j

apns4j yes Apple Push Notification Service Of Java Realization !

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7. Distributed data layer TDDL

TDDL It's based on a centralized configuration jdbc datasource Realization , With active and standby , Read / write separation , Dynamic database configuration and other functions .

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8. Lightweight distributed data access layer CobarClient

Cobar Client It is a lightweight distributed data access layer (DAL) be based on iBatis( It has been renamed MyBatis) and Spring Framework implementations .

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9. Taobao customization JVM:TaobaoJVM

TaobaoJVM be based on OpenJDK HotSpot VM, It is the first optimization in China 、 Customized and open source server version Java virtual machine . At present, it's on Taobao 、 Tmall is online , All replaced Oracle official JVM edition , In performance , In function, it initially embodies its value .

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10. Java Image processing class library SimpleImage

SimpleImage It's one of Alibaba Java Class library for image processing , Can realize picture abbreviation 、 Watermark and so on .

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11. redis Of java client Tedis

Tedis Is another redis Of java client .Tedis The goal is to create a high availability that can be used directly in the production environment Redis Solution .

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12. Open source Java Diagnostic tools Arthas

Arthas( Alsace ) Alibaba open source Java Diagnostic tools , Loved by developers .

Arthas Use command line interaction mode , At the same time, it provides rich Tab Automatic completion function , Further facilitate problem location and diagnosis .

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13. Dynamic service discovery 、 Configuration and service management platform Nacos

Nacos Dedicated to helping you discover 、 Configure and manage microservices .Nacos Provides an easy-to-use feature set , Help you realize dynamic service discovery 、 Service configuration management 、 Service and traffic management .

Nacos Helps you build more quickly and easily 、 Deliver and manage microservice platforms . Nacos Is to build in “ service ” Modern application architecture centered ( For example, the microservices paradigm 、 Cloud native paradigm ) Service infrastructure .

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14.Java analysis Excel Tools easyexcel

Java analysis 、 Generate Excel Well known frameworks are Apache poi、jxl . But they all have a serious problem that is very memory consuming ,poi There is a set SAX Mode API It can solve some memory overflow problems to a certain extent , but POI There are still some flaws , such as 07 edition Excel Decompression and storage after decompression are done in memory , Memory consumption is still high .easyexcel Rewrote poi Yes 07 edition Excel Parsing , To be able to be a 3M Of excel use POI sax Still need 100M Left and right memory reduced to KB Level , And the bigger excel No memory overflow ,03 Version depends on POI Of sax Pattern . In the upper layer, the encapsulation of model transformation is done , Make the user more simple and convenient .

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15. High availability traffic management framework Sentinel

Sentinel It's a lightweight flow control framework for microservices , Slave flow control 、 Fusing the drop 、 Multiple dimensions such as system load protection protect the stability of services .

As long as through the Sentinel API Defined code , It's resources , It can be Sentinel Protect it . In most cases , You can use method signature ,URL, Even the service name identifies the resource as the resource name .

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16. Based on multiple dimensions Metrics System measurement and monitoring middleware SOFALookout

Lookout It's a multi-dimensional metrics Project to measure and monitor the target system .Lookout Multi dimension of metrics Reference resources Metrics 2.0 standard .Lookout The project is divided into client part and server part .

The client is one Java Class library of , It can be embedded in your application code to collect metrics Information , More details of the client .

Server code part , Will be available in the next release . adopt LOOKOUT Service for , It can be done to metrics Data collection 、 machining 、 Storage and query processing , In addition, combine grafana, Data visualization can be done .

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17. be based on Spring Boot R & D framework of SOFABoot

SOFABoot It is the foundation of ant financial open source Spring Boot R & D framework of , It's in Spring Boot On the basis of , Provides information such as Readiness Check, Class isolation , Log space isolation and other capabilities . It's strengthening Spring Boot At the same time ,SOFABoot Provides users with access to Spring Boot Easy to use SOFAStack Capabilities of related middleware .

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18. Lightweight Java Class isolation container SOFAArk

SOFAArk It's based on Java Implementation of lightweight class isolation container , Contributed by ant financial services ; It mainly provides the ability of class isolation and dependent package isolation for applications ; be based on Fat Jar technology , Applications can be packaged as a self-contained, runnable Fat Jar, Applications can be simple single modules Java Applications can also be Spring Boot application . Visit the website for quick start and more details .

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19. Distributed link tracking middleware SOFATracer

SOFATracer Is a component for distributed system call tracing , Through unified traceId Log all kinds of network calls in the call link , To achieve the purpose of perspective network call . These logs can be used for quick fault detection , Service governance, etc .

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20. High performance Java RPC frame SOFARPC

SOFARPC Is a high scalability 、 High performance 、 Production grade Java RPC frame . In the ant gold suit SOFARPC It has experienced more than ten years and five generations of version development .SOFARPC Focus on simplifying RPC call , Convenient and transparent for application 、 Stable and efficient point-to-point remote service invocation scheme . Function expansion for users and developers ,SOFARPC Provides rich model abstraction and extensible interfaces , Include filter 、 route 、 Load balancing, etc . At the same time around the SOFARPC The framework and its surrounding components provide rich microservice governance solutions .

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21. be based on Netty Network communication framework SOFABolt

SOFABolt Is an ant financial services group based on the development of a set Netty Network communication framework .

In order to make Java Programmers can focus more on implementing business logic based on network communications , Instead of focusing too much on the underlying network NIO The implementation of and deal with difficult to debug network problems ,Netty emerge as the times require .

To enable middleware developers to focus more on product feature implementation , Instead of building the wheels of the communication framework over and over again ,SOFABolt emerge as the times require .

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22.​ Dynamic non-invasive AOP Solution JVM-Sandbox

JVM-Sandbox,JVM Sandbox container , Based on the JVM Non intrusive operation period of AOP Solution .

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23. Cloud oriented distributed messaging standards OpenMessaging

OpenMessaging It was initiated by Alibaba , With Yahoo 、 Drops travel 、Streamlio The company co founded , It's not about setting up a manufacturer 、 Platform independent application development standard in the field of distributed message and flow processing .

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24.P2P File distribution system Dragonfly

Dragonfly( Dragonfly ) It was developed by Ali himself P2P File distribution system , It is used to solve the distribution time-consuming in large-scale file distribution scenarios 、 Low success rate 、 Bandwidth waste . Greatly improve the release deployment 、 Data preheating 、 Large scale container image distribution and other business capabilities .

Open source Dragonfly Can be used for P2P Document distribution 、 Container image distribution 、 Local speed limit 、 Disk capacity pre check, etc . It supports a variety of container technologies , There is no need to change the container itself , Image distribution ratio natvie The way to speed up can be as high as 57 times ,Registry Network traffic reduction 99.5% above .

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25.LayoutManager Customized layout plan vlayout

VirtualLayout It's a response to RecyclerView Of LayoutManager Expand , It mainly provides a whole set of layout scheme and the problem of component reuse between layouts .

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26.Java Code specification scanning plug-in P3C

The project consists of three parts :PMD Realization 、IntelliJ IDEA plug-in unit 、Eclipse plug-in unit

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27.Android Containerization framework Atlas

Atlas It is a mobile Taobao Android client containerization framework developed by Alibaba mobile team , To solve the problem of large-scale team cooperation with the idea of containerization , Implement parallel development 、 Fast iteration and dynamic deployment , Apply to Android 4.x The size of the above system version App Development .

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28. Rules engine :QLExpress

QlExpress Scripting language parsing tools were born in 2010 year , It was master Xuannan who started to write according to Huijin's business needs at that time . The project is governed by Alibaba's e-commerce business rules 、 expression ( Boolean combination )、 Calculation of special mathematical formula ( High precision )、 Syntax analysis 、 It is a dynamic script engine parsing tool designed for strong requirements such as script customization .

QlExpress after 40 Multiple small version iterations , More stable performance and functionality , Accepted and recognized by more teams , In double 11 Flood peak 、 Complex rules, business configuration platform and other scenarios also get better practical test .

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The above is the sharing of Alibaba's key open source projects , I hope that's helpful !

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