1,REGEXP_LIKE : And LIKE The functions of are similar 
2,REGEXP_INSTR : And INSTR The functions of are similar
3,REGEXP_SUBSTR : And SUBSTR The functions of are similar
4,REGEXP_REPLACE : And REPLACE The functions of are similar
They are similar in usage to Oracle SQL function LIKE、INSTR、SUBSTR and REPLACE The usage is the same ,
But they use POSIX Regular expressions replace the old percent sign (%) And wildcards (_) character .
POSIX Regular expressions consist of standard metacharacters (metacharacters) What constitutes a :
'^' Matches the start of the input string , Use... In a square bracket expression , In this case, it means that the character set is not accepted .
'$' Matches the end of the input string . If set RegExp Object's Multiline attribute , be $ Yepi
with '/n' or '/r'.
'.' Matches any single character except the newline character .
'?' Match previous subexpression zero or once .
'+' Match previous subexpression one or more times .
'*' Match previous subexpression zero or more times .
'|' Indicate a choice between the two . Example '^([a-z]+|[0-9]+)$' Represents a combination of all lowercase letters or numbers
character string .
'( )' Mark the beginning and end of a subexpression .
'[]' Mark a bracket expression .
'{m,n}' A precise range of occurrences ,m=< Number of occurrences <=n,'{m}' Appear m Time ,'{m,}' At least
appear m Time .
/num matching num, among num Is a positive integer . Reference to the match obtained .
Character cluster : 
[[:alpha:]] Any letter .
[[:digit:]] Any number .
[[:alnum:]] Any letters and numbers .
[[:space:]] Any white character .
[[:upper:]] Any capital letter .
[[:lower:]] Any lowercase letter .
[[:punct:]] Any punctuation .
[[:xdigit:]] whatever 16 Decimal digit , amount to [0-9a-fA-F].
Operation priority of various operators
/ Escape character
(), (?:), (?=), [] Parentheses and brackets
*, +, ?, {n}, {n,}, {n,m} qualifiers
^, $, anymetacharacter Location and order Usage method :
select dabh from qtywb where regexp_like(dabh, '[[:alpha:]]');

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