# function : Give Way GBK Encoded files can be used less Normal display of Chinese ( Automatic identification GBK and UTF-8 code )
#v0. stay LINUX Next , Use UTF-8 code ,less UTF-8 The file is displayed in Chinese normally , and less GBK Garbled code will be displayed when the file is saved ,
# This script uses enca Identification code (enca The ability to recognize coding is weak , There are often cases of non recognition , In this case , Think it's GBK file ), If it is UTF-8 code ,
# Direct display ; If it is GBK code , First convert to UTF-8 code , Re display .
#v0. Add support for standard input redirection
#@todo How to let less Keep the original color ? res=$(lsof -a -p $$ -d0 >&)
if echo "$res" | grep -q "pipe" ; then
data=$(cat -) #- Represents standard input
if [ $# -eq ] ; then
echo "usage:$0 <file>"
fi if [ ! -e "$1" ] ; then
echo "$1 not exists"
fi if [ -d "$1" ] ; then
echo "$1 is a directory"
data=$(cat "$1")
fi gbk=
enc=$(echo "$data" | enca > /dev/null) # When the file is not recognized , The output will write stderr, Redirect to /dev/null
# Consider the unrecognized file as GBK file
if [ ! $? -eq ] ; then
elif echo $enc | grep -q GB ; then
# Convert files
if [ $gbk -eq ] ; then
data=$(echo "$data" | iconv -f gbk -t utf-)
echo "$data" | less
echo $data | less

cnless.sh: Improved version less, Can automatically identify GBK Encoding or UTF-8 code . More articles about

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