I'm sleepy again at one noon
Photography 2021-06-04 12:05:26

Every day I hear my mother wake up , At my age , I find that I can't sleep when it comes to time .

Yesterday morning , Mom made me a meal , When I got up, I said I was going out for a run , Take a breath of fresh air during activities .

Morning sky

Is this sunrise ?

Cool air , With the cuckoo

A changed alley

I walked many times as a child

Changed scenery

Because I'm leaving home soon , I went to the road I used to take when I was a child , By the way, run in the morning . All of a sudden, I found that there was too much change , I can't recognize it when I remember it .

in addition , It turns out that it's only two kilometers from home to where I often go . And in my childhood memory , It's a long journey like the 25000 mile long march !

The sky was overcast yesterday afternoon , Windy work , It's almost nine o'clock and it won't be in less than a minute . But the whole day was like graffiti , It's very beautiful !

Dark clouds and blue sky are pulling

The shade of a sunny day

Half and half

In the end, it didn't

Never seen the world

Then , Listen to my sister-in-law , It's raining heavily over there . And my cousin said , It's Thunderstorm on the other side of the house . Only my home side , It looks like it's going down, but it doesn't move .

It's about ten o'clock , It's very dark , I guess I have no patience , But still taking care of the people here , Remind them : Go home , I'm not bluffing you !

The setting sun

It hasn't rained yet

No more

It's raining a little bit

It's really down

The view is spectacular

Everything here is natural , It's a masterpiece of nature . I don't know if I'm in the mood to observe in the city , Or is everything ignored because of the fast pace .

Dad must wake me up this morning , Feel the cool of the morning , Fresh air . do not know why , No matter how sleepy you are , Get up and go out the door , It's really a big breath , The mood has become beautiful .

And the hardest part was noon , When the sun works, it's not polite at all , I'm not slack .

It's so hot

It's like the whole world is on a lunch break

I also feel the need to catch up , Too sleepy . We have a long time here , During the day, we usually take a two-hour nap . I also feel , The air is like a lullaby , It's lethargic !

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