Error code :

HTTP Status 400 -

type Status report


description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.47

reason :

400 Request error 
Due to the wrong grammar , The server could not understand the request . No modification , The client cannot repeat the request .
stay SpringMVC Medium Action Processing front desk ajax Please send it json Error converting data directly to corresponding entity class :
400 Bad Request, The backstage doesn't report any mistakes ,400 The request is invalid ( The request has a syntax problem or cannot satisfy the request ).

terms of settlement :

 Check the entity class for javabean Whether the type inside is the same as springmvc form Of form Whether the form names are consistent .
My error is caused by two associated entity classes form In the form name Name difference : 
 private Integer id;
private String lastName;
private String email;
private int gender;
private Department department; // The nonparametric construction method is omitted // Parametric construction method to omit //setter and getter Method to omit

private Integer id;
private String departmentName; // The nonparametric construction method is omitted // Parametric construction method to omit //setter and getter Method to omit

form Forms :

Can pass modelAttribute Property specifies the bound model property ,
If the property is not specified , Default from request Read from a domain object command Form for bean,
If the attribute value does not exist , An error will occur
<form:form action="emp-save" method="post" modelAttribute="employee">
<!-- path Properties corresponding to HTML The label of the form name attribute -->
LastName:<form:input path="lastName"/> <br>
Email:<form:input path="email"/> <br>
Gender:<form:radiobuttons path="gender" items="${genders}"/> <br>
Department:<form:select path="department" items="${dapartments}" itemLabel="departmentName" itemValue="id"></form:select><br>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

hold path="department" Change it to path=""

Here we are , My problem has been solved . Welcome to correct

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