The most basic usage of enumeration class is to implement a type safe enumeration .

Enumeration constants are separated by commas , Each enumeration constant is an object .

enum class Color{

Enumeration initialization

Every enumeration is an instance of an enumeration class , They can be initialized :

enum class Color(val rgb: Int) {

The default name is the enumeration character name , Value from 0 Start . If you need to specify a value , You can use its constructor :

enum class Shape(value:Int){

Enumeration also supports to declare its own anonymous classes and corresponding methods 、 And the method of covering the base class . Such as :

enum class ProtocolState {
override fun signal() = TALKING
override fun signal() = WAITING
}; abstract fun signal(): ProtocolState

If the enumeration class defines any members , To use a semicolon to separate enumeration constant definitions in a member definition

Use enumeration constants

Kotlin Enumeration classes in have composition methods , Allow traversal of defined enumeration constants , And get the enumeration constant by its name .

EnumClass.valueOf(value: String): EnumClass // Conversion specifies name For enumeration value , If the match is not successful , Will throw out IllegalArgumentException
EnumClass.values(): Array<EnumClass> // In the form of an array , Return enumeration value

Get information about enumeration :

val name: String // Get enumeration name 
val ordinal: Int // Gets the order in which enumeration values are defined in all enumeration arrays


enum class Color{
} fun main(args: Array<String>) {
var color:Color=Color.BLUE println(Color.values())
println(color.ordinal) }

since Kotlin 1.1 rise , have access to  enumValues<T>()  and  enumValueOf<T>()  Functions access constants in enumeration classes in a generic way :

enum class RGB { RED, GREEN, BLUE }
inline fun <reified T : Enum<T>> printAllValues() {
print(enumValues<T>().joinToString { })
} fun main(args: Array<String>) {
printAllValues<RGB>() // Output RED, GREEN, BLUE

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