Because many of the bottom of the company SDK, All are C++ Development , The upper application software is C# Winform Program . In the process of actual work , I often come across C# Program call C++ The problem with dynamic libraries . I've been working with C++ Dealing with ,C# How to call C++ Class library functions . There are some problems , So let's sum up C# Program call C++ All kinds of pits in dynamic library .

1.  Possible problems :

C# In the process of calling the dynamic library, I also encountered the following problems :

1、C++ Pointer in ,C# Do I need to use pointers in ?

because C++ There are pointer parameters in the dynamic library in , So I also use .NET Unsafe code for , Used C# The pointer to , But there are still some problems , If in C# There is a problem when the parameter passed in is a two-dimensional array , In the end, we can only change C++ The parameter type of the parameter passed in by the function .

2、C# and C++ How to convert the type in ?

although C# and C++ similar , But the type of parameter it gives us is related to C# One by one, the parameter types of , See the following instructions for details .

3、C++ Function CallingConventionCharSet How to set ?

call C++ Function must be confirmed before , Otherwise, there may be function calls leading to stack asymmetry . The reason may be trusteeship  PInvoke  The signature does not match the unmanaged target signature . Functional CallingConvention and CharSet, You can view the corresponding .h The header file .

4、 How to decompile C++ Of dll The name of , port ?

Can pass Dependency Walker Tool to decompile and view the dynamic library information written by others

5、 How to pass parameters to a pointer function ?

For pointer functions required by functions ,C# Invocation time , You can define delegates to pass in parameters .

6、 We need to pay attention to C++ dll The compiled platform is x86 still x64, Is it multibyte or double byte (Unicode).

2.  adopt Dependency Walke see dll The name of , port

download Dependency After that, the corresponding C++ dll The file loads in , You can see the corresponding information of the dynamic library , At the same time, you can also go through .h Header file view .

3. How to call

c# call c++ Dynamic library is usually written like this

 [DllImport(SDK, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall)]
public static extern int IKSDK_Release();
 1. DllImport The first parameter of SDK It's a dynamic library dll The path of , this dll Put it in the root of the program or c:windows/sytem32 Next , It is recommended to create a subdirectory in the program root directory to place the corresponding C++ Dynamic library files , Easy to update later . 

2. CallingConvention Parameter is c# call c++ The way It's an enumeration. msdn Explain the following :

Cdecl The caller cleans the stack . This enables you to call the  varargs  Function of ( Such as  Printf), Methods that can be used to accept variable arguments . 
FastCal This calling convention is not supported .
StdCall The callee cleans up the stack . This is the platform to use invoke Default Convention for calling unmanaged functions . 
ThisCall The first parameter is  this  The pointer , It's stored in registers ECX in . Other parameters are pushed onto the stack . This calling convention is used to call from unmanaged DLL The exported class calls the method . 
Winapi This member is not actually a calling convention , Instead, the default platform calling convention is used . for example , stay Windows There is a tacit view that  StdCall, stay Windows CE.NET There is a tacit view that  Cdecl

3. CharSet Parameters control the way names are reorganized and string parameters are marshaled into functions . The default value is CharSet.Ansi.

4. entrypoint Parameter is used to identify the function in DLL Position in . In a managed object , The original name or ordinal entry point of the objective function identifies the function that crosses the boundary of the interaction . Besides , You can map the entry point to a different name , This is actually renaming the function . Generally, this parameter is not set by default .

5. The other parameters , Please check out MSDN about DllImportAttribute Explanation .

4. Other instructions

C# call C++ Dynamic library , Another particularly troublesome problem is the problem of parameters for . In the future, we will summarize a detailed comparison table based on the information on the Internet .

C# summary ( Four ) call C++ More articles on dynamic library

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