stay Java in , Variables fall into two categories :

1. Basic type variables ,java It's a copy of the delivery

2. All object variables , The essence of a reference copy is to copy a pointer to an address

a. Basic type references

public class BasicTransmit {
public static void test(boolean test){
test =! test;
System.out.println("in test : test = "+test);
} public static void main(String[] args) {
boolean test = true;
System.out.println("Before test : test = "+ test);
System.out.println("After test : test = "+test); // stay java in , For basic type variables (int,long,double,float,byte,boolean,char)
//java It's a copy of the value .

The result of the operation is :

Before test : test = true
in test : test = false
After test : test = true

b. References to objects (String Not a basic data type , But the object )

public static void test (StringBuffer str){
} public static void main(String[] args) {
StringBuffer string = new StringBuffer("Hello");
// Anticipate ,String It's a reference ,java For the reference form, the variables that pass the object type are , It's actually going to quote
// As a copy passing method function . So what does the reference copy in this function point to ?
// It's the address of the object , Find the address by referencing the copy and modify the value of the address , It changes the value of the object

Running results :Hello,wrold!

public static void test (String str){
str = "world";
} public static void main(String[] args){
String string = "Hello";
} // Why is this so ? That's because when it comes to execution str="world" when , The process is : First, the system will automatically generate new string object
// And set the value of this new object to "world", Then assign the reference of this object to str
// understand : by str This key is pointing to "hello" This warehouse's , But now I'm asking for str This key points back to "world"
// We have to be clear that :String Class is final Type of , therefore , You can't inherit or modify this class .
//str="world", In fact, it implicitly makes java Make a new one String object , Since the objects are all new , That's the same as the original
//"Hello" It doesn't matter .
// When the function ends ,str The effect disappears , The contents of the original memory address remain unchanged , So the print is still Hello //StringBuffer The resulting block of memory , The relevant operations of addition, deletion and modification are all carried out in it , So add a sentence to it "world"
// Still on the same memory address ,str The reference to the value has not changed .

c. References to objects

public class ValueTest {
public void first(){
int i = 5;
Value v = new Value();
v.i = 25;
second(v ,i);
} public void second(Value v ,int i){
i = 0;
v.i = 20;
Value val = new Value();
v= val;
System.out.println(v.i + "" + i);
} public static void main(String[] args) {
ValueTest t = new ValueTest();
} class Value{
public int i = 15;

The result is :15 0 20

summary : stay java Both basic data types and objects are copies of references or addresses , When the return function is , The value doesn't change . Unless the value in the space pointed to by this address has been changed during the operation of the function .

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