1、 Filter 13 A time stamp ( Take comment time for example )

 filters : {
formattime2: function (value) {
//value by 13 Bit time stamp
var timestamp = Date.parse(new Date());
var ms = Math.abs(timestamp - value);
var second = parseInt(ms / 1000);
var minute = parseInt(ms / 1000 / 60);
var iHour = parseInt(ms / 1000 / 60 / 60);
var day = parseInt(ms / 1000 / 60 / 60 / 24);
if(second < 1){
return " just ";
}else if(minute < 60){
return minute+" Minutes ago ";
}else if(iHour < 24){
return iHour+" Hours before ";
return day+" Days ago, ";

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