Pycharm As a powerful Python IDE, In the process of using, I feel that I can't find a complete reference manual , So I decided to Pycharm The course is translated briefly , Share with you .

1、 preparation

Download from the official website

2、 How to choose Pycharm The appearance of the

Pycharm Predefined several theme patterns , The number of topics available depends on the type of operating system , You can refer to the appearance instructions ( Refer to instructions ) stay “Settings/Preferences” Dialog box

(1) In the main toolbar , single click Open up “Settings/Preferences”, Then click reference description :

(2) In the following dialog box , single click “Theme” The corresponding drop-down menu , Then choose a theme you like :

Notice... In the upper right corner of the dialog Reset Button , If you change your mind , You can restore the previous settings by clicking this button . At the same time, when you move the mouse to Apply Button , It will become available :

Of course, you can also change other appearance settings , For example, font and size 、 Window properties, etc .

3、 Apply change settings , Suggest restart Pycharm Software ( For example, when you change the theme to  Darcula when , After the impact will be the following effect ):

4、 How to change the theme color of the edit box

At the end of the change Pycharm After the background of the theme , You may not be satisfied with the look of the editor , For example, you want to change the document string to another color , Here's how to change it :
      First , Let's click on the toolbar again The icon goes into “Settings/Preferences” Dialog box , an “Editor” node , Then the unit price “Color and Font”, It is found that the system prompts us that we cannot change the predefined font theme at present , Which means we have to make a copy of it first :

single click “Save as” Button , Then type in a new font frame name :

      Now we find that the new font type we created has been changed to an editable state , We can modify it according to our own preference .
      an “Color and Font” node , Enter the editor settings dialog :

First , In the drop-down list of language space , Click to select the font type of the current document string , Through the preview window, we can simply preview the visual effect of the current settings .

It is worth mentioning that , If you want to change the font color from dark green to another color , Just check “Foreground” Check box , Then right-click or double-click the color block on the right :

Next, choose a color from the palette that pops up :

OK, Application settings , Then we found that the color we selected was successfully used for font display :

5、 The difference between software theme and edit box font theme
Pay attention to the difference between the two topics , The former is related to the whole software , The latter only applies to property changes in the edit box section , We can do this IDE The theme is set to bright ( for example Default
or Alloy) Also set the edit box to a dark theme ( for example Twilight or
Monokai), The effect is Pycharm All of the controls are shown in bright colors , The edit window is dark :

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