Time function is often used recently , Write a note here , Record what you get , I hope it will help you too .

1、 For a time like sysdate:2015/1/30 14:16:03 How to just get the date , At the same time, its data type does not change ?

The easiest thing to think of is to_char And then in to_date, All I could think of before was this , Because I found it troublesome to search on the Internet , Found another way ,trunc(sysdate), You can get the result you want

select sysdate from dual;
2015/1/30 1 select to_date(to_char(sysdate,'yyyymmdd'),'yyyymmdd') from dual; TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'YYYYM
2015/1/30 select trunc(sysdate) from dual; TRUNC(SYSDATE)

2、 With the foreshadowing above, it's much easier to compare the time below

There is such a need , I'm going to modify one piece of data on the first day of each quarter , This data must have been added 10 days before the last quarter . namely :7 month 1 Revised by day 4 month 10 Japan ( Include ) Previously added data

This is the time to use MONTHS_BETWEEN function , That's what I thought at the beginning ,

If the data was added at 4 month 10 Japan 23 spot 59 branch 59 second , And so 7 month 1 The result of daily operation is :2.67741972

If the data was added at 4 month 11 Japan 0 spot 0 branch 0 second , And so 7 month 1 The result of daily operation is :2.67741935

and 4 month 10 Day and 7 month 10 The result of the day is :2.70967741

To make sure the time is controllable , Think of the date of use , Remove the hours, minutes and seconds of time

The specific code is as follows :( Use to_date('20150701','yyyymmdd') To simulate time parameters )

select MONTHS_BETWEEN(to_date('20150701','yyyymmdd'),to_date('20150410 23:59:59','yyyymmdd HH24:mi:ss')) time from dual;
2.67741972 select MONTHS_BETWEEN(to_date('20150701','yyyymmdd'),to_date('20150411 00:00:00','yyyymmdd HH24:mi:ss')) time from dual; TIME
2.67741935 select MONTHS_BETWEEN(to_date('20150701','yyyymmdd'),to_date('20150410','yyyymmdd')) time from dual; TIME
2.70967741 select MONTHS_BETWEEN(to_date('20150701','yyyymmdd'),trunc(to_date('20150410 15:23:38','yyyymmdd HH24:mi:ss'))) time from dual; TIME

In the end, you don't have to use trunc and months_between It's a combination of the two to fulfill this requirement .

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