Took over a new library ,alert Log frequent reporting log file switch (checkpoint incomplete) event

oracle A document explaining :

Waiting for a log switch because the session cannot wrap into the next log. Wrapping cannot be performed because the checkpoint for that log has not completed.

see redo Log information :

SQL> select * from v$log;
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -------- ---------------- ------------- ----------- ------------ -----------
YES INACTIVE // // SQL> select * from v$logfile;
---------- ------- ------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Check the switching frequency :

SQL> select completion_time from v$archived_log order by desc;

I found that when the system is busy , Logs switch several times a minute .

Solution :

Add a log group and adjust the log size to 100m

alter database add logfile group ('D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\YB\REDO04a.LOG ','D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\YB\REDO04b.LOG ') size 100M;

And then the other three groups redo Log adjustment : Delete existing log groups , Then rebuild ( To adjust the log group to inactive State before operation )

alter database drop logfile group ;
alter database add logfile group ('D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\YB\REDO03a.LOG ','D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\YB\REDO03b.LOG ') size 100M;

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