. Array creation
    // Be careful : stay OC In the array , Only objects can be stored 
//    NSArray *array = [NSArray arrayWithObject:12]; error
    // Create string
    NSString *str1 = @"zhangsan";
    NSString *str2 = @"lisi";
    NSString *str3 = @"wangwu";
    // Create array , And set up multiple elements
    // Be careful : In order to nil At the end of the
    NSArray *array1 = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:str1,str2,str3, nil];
    // Use the corresponding class method
    NSArray *array2 = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:str1,str2,str3, nil];
    // Initializing an element while creating an array
    NSArray *array3 = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:str1, nil];
    NSArray *array4 = [NSArray arrayWithObject:str1];
    NSLog(@"array3:%@ \n  array4:%@",array3,array4);
    // Create an array and initialize it with an existing array
    NSArray *array5 = [[NSArray alloc] initWithArray:array2];
    NSArray *array6 = [NSArray arrayWithArray:array2];
    NSLog(@"array5:%@ \n  array6:%@",array5,array6);
    . Get the corresponding elements of the array
    //----------- Take the element according to the subscript ---------
    NSString *str = [array5 objectAtIndex:];
    . Get the number of array elements     NSUInteger count = array5.count; //[array5 count];
    . Determine whether an element is in an array     BOOL isContain = [array5 containsObject:@"zhaoliu"];
    if (!isContain) {
        NSLog(@" It doesn't contain zhaoliu");
    . Get a subscript from an element
    // If there is this element , The corresponding subscript is returned , No return NSNotFound
    NSInteger index = [array5 indexOfObject:@"zhaofei"];
    if (index == NSNotFound) {
        NSLog(@" Elements that don't respond ");
    . Notice the difference between the two arrays     // take array5 All the elements in are given to array8
    NSArray *array8 = [NSArray arrayWithArray:array5];
    NSArray *array9 = [NSArray arrayWithObject:array5];
    NSLog(@"array9:%@",array9);     . Get the top of the array / The last element     NSString *firstStr = [array8 firstObject];
    NSString *lastStr = [array8 lastObject];
    NSLog(@"firstStr:%@  lastStr:%@",firstStr,lastStr);
    . Intercept array
    NSArray *array10 = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"",@"",@"",@"",@"", nil];
    // Intercept out @"2",@"3",@"4"
    NSRange rg = {,};
    NSArray *subArray = [array10 subarrayWithRange:rg];
    . Append array
    // Add an element
//    [array10 arrayByAddingObject:<#(nonnull id)#>]
    // stay array10 Append element after
    NSArray *addArray = [array10 arrayByAddingObjectsFromArray:array1];
    NSLog(@"%@",addArray);     . Array comparison
    if ([array1 isEqualToArray:array2]) {
        NSLog(@"array1 and array2 identical ");
    . Determine whether the beginning of two arrays is the same     // 1,2,4,5    3,2,1,6
    NSArray *a = @[@"",@"",@"",@""];
    NSArray *a2 = @[@"",@"",@"",@""];
    NSString *sameS = [a firstObjectCommonWithArray:a2];
    if (![array1 firstObjectCommonWithArray:array10]) {
        NSLog(@" The first element is not the same ");
    . Array traversal     // Mode one :
    // Traverse addArray
    // obtain addArray Length of array
    NSUInteger count2 = addArray.count;
    for (int i=; i<count2; i++) { // Notice that the array is out of bounds
        // Get elements according to subscripts
//        NSString *obj = [addArray objectAtIndex:i];
        // Equivalent
        NSString *obj = addArray[i];
    // Mode two : Fast traverse
    for (NSString *str in addArray) {
    //------------ New syntax for arrays ------------
//    int a[] = {1,2,3,4}
//    a[2]
    // Create and initialize arrays
    NSArray *array11 = @[@"",@"",@"",@"",@""];
    // Get the element according to the subscript
    NSString *s = array11[];
Two : Variable array (NSMutableArray)
    NSString *s1 = @"zhaoliu";
    NSString *s2 = @"tianqi";
    NSString *s3 = @"suba";
    . Create variable arrays
    // You can't write like this
//    NSMutableArray *mutArray = @[s1,s2,s3];
    // Create a capacity of 5 Array of , It can store more than 5 Elements , Space will automatically increase
    NSMutableArray *mutArray1 = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:];
    // Be careful : There are no elements at this point ,0
    NSUInteger mutCount = mutArray1.count;
    NSMutableArray *mutArray2 = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithObjects:s1,s2,s3, nil];
    . Additive elements
//    [mutArray2 addObject:str1];
//    [mutArray2 addObject:str2];
//    [mutArray2 addObject:str3];
    //2. Add elements from an array to a discernible array
    [mutArray2 addObjectsFromArray:array1];
    //3. Add an array as an element to the array
    [mutArray2 addObject:array1];
    . Insert elements     [mutArray2 insertObject:@"" atIndex:];     . Replacement elements
    [mutArray2 replaceObjectAtIndex: withObject:@"bingge"];     
    // You can replace multiple
//    [mutArray2 replaceObjectsInRange:<#(NSRange)#> withObjectsFromArray:<#(nonnull NSArray *)#>]
    . In exchange for
    [mutArray2 exchangeObjectAtIndex: withObjectAtIndex:];
    . Delete
    // Delete all elements
//    [mutArray2 removeAllObjects];
    // Delete the last element
//    [mutArray2 removeLastObject];
    // Deletes the specified element
//    [mutArray2 removeObject:@"bingge"];
//    / Delete the specified subscript element
//    [mutArray2 removeObjectAtIndex:1];
    // Delete multiple elements
    NSRange rg1 = {,};
    NSIndexSet *indexSet = [[NSIndexSet alloc] initWithIndexesInRange:rg1];
    [mutArray2 removeObjectsAtIndexes:indexSet];
    . Array elements sort     NSArray *array = @[@"agfd",
    NSArray *newArray = [array sortedArrayUsingSelector:@selector(compare:)];

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