What can I do to change you
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Before the May Day holiday , My holiday assignment for students is to read and understand a famous book every day , Put it like this 5 I have to do it on holiday 5 piece . I'll hand it in for inspection when I come back from vacation .

A reading comprehension only has 3 A short answer to the question , Even if they do exactly what I ask , Not more than 20 minute ; If you copy the answer , That's faster ,10 I'm sure I can copy it in minutes . therefore , That's not a lot of work .

I had a few days with the class representative , Both classes are only about half handed in ,5 Class later made up a part of ,4 Ben didn't make much progress .

As far as I know , There are many students who don't write at all during their holidays , Patronize the play , I don't make up for it when I come back from vacation , There's no end to it .

Homework is not done , I can't keep a room for them , Only a few more days , And then rush the work . But every time there is always a group of people who don't hand in their homework .

After May Day , We mainly comment on the test paper , There are fewer new classes , Naturally, there is less homework . So sometimes when there is no homework that day , I will arrange a reading comprehension exercise for a famous book . So it's going to build up to the end of this week , It's time to do the tenth exercise .

The night before yesterday, I asked them to hand in the famous book reading training , Together with the composition they were asked to write in class last Wednesday ( Some students haven't finished writing in class , Just give me a little more time to write ), There are quite a few students who hand in two assignments less at the same time . But in the case of my daily expediting , They dragged on till last night !

Now I'm on fire , No more homework yesterday , I asked them to hand in these two assignments after school last night !

But these people don't seem to hear it , There are still a number of students who are not doing their homework , And the discipline of these people who study late is also relatively poor , Always chatting on the spot 、 A little action .

I'm worth it today 4 Class night self-study , First class , I'll call names and warn those who don't hand in their homework : I have to hand it in tonight , Or stay in the hall !

I also specially called those particularly lazy guys to the corridor for education , Carrot and stick , Ask them to finish the task tonight . They agreed to .

But until school , There are still 6 Three students haven't handed in the classics yet . I went down to check how much they did , Don't see, don't know , It's a shock at first sight !

Oh my god !18 days , In the case of almost daily expediting , Unexpectedly 4 I'm just starting my first exercise !

this 4 people , among 2 Although I failed in the mid-term exam , But because it's a little bit better , I gave them a comment the other day “ Star of progress ”, Some prizes were given to encourage them to ! have other 2 Although people are regressive , But in the live composition competition last week, the composition was better than usual , A little bit of progress , I also specially named and praised them in the class .

Afterwards, I also combined with this exam , Talk to them , Help them analyze the reasons for their poor grades and the solutions , Encourage them to make progress .

Originally, in the first half of the semester, their accumulated points were negative , According to the original agreement is to be punished , But I know they don't want to be punished , Besides, punishment is not the end , It's the way and means to urge them to make progress .

So I take this opportunity to make them better , Make a verbal agreement with them : If recently 2 Zhou Neng listens carefully in class , Finish your homework on time , Can be exempted from punishment , Otherwise, the punishment will remain the same ! They were very happy at the time , Promise to do as required .

But even so , They can be so lazy ! I've been working on my homework for weeks , Still dragging around , Not at all ! They didn't start to copy the answers until I left them in class !

alas , Facing such lazy students , I'm speechless !

If not the laziest , Only lazier !

This reminds me of the catchphrase of old lady Jiujin in Lu Xun's works :“ Each generation is worse than the last !”

alas , My students , How can I change you ? What can I do to change you ?!

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