During the Spring Festival this year , I need to install one at home Debian Stretch Of ZaReason laptop Replace with Windows 10 System , So that mom and dad can get off the old desktop XP Upgrade the system to a new platform . Before you go home , Fairy has bought me a genuine software on Microsoft's official website , I also take advantage of the Media Creation Tool Setup created U disc . However , When I took it home and installed it, I found that , Invalid installation password . After contacting customer service, I learned that , I bought Windows 10 Home Edition , And install U The version of the disk is the home Chinese version . The former supports multiple interface languages , The latter only supports Chinese . because Media Creation Tool Can't be in XP Up operation , But in addition to installing XP The desktop of the system is mine Linux The notebook , And Microsoft customer service also only provides a fool type of primary guidance, but for Linux Platform users will not consider , Therefore, we can only learn from Linux Top production Windows 10 Installation U Dish up .

After searching , Some articles How to use dd The command will change the operating system's iso Copy the image file directly to U Disk partition . Also have article mention , It needs to be written manually grub.cfg file , In order to achieve from U Disk boot system . But these methods are troublesome , And I haven't been tested before , I don't know if it will succeed . Last in here Find out ,Linux There's a graphical interface tool WoeUSB To do this , Instead of running the underlying commands manually . therefore , I will refer to the introduction of this article step by step , Successfully installed the new system . The specific steps are as follows .

  1. Use apt-get install WoeUSB Dependent packages :

    sudo apt-get install devscripts equivs gdebi-core

    among ,

    • devscripts Including a bunch of convenient maintenance and management Debian The script for the package .
    • equivs Used to create the smallest Debian software package , That is to say, only the package dependency information is included without the actual software .
    • gdebi-core For local deb Packages solve dependency problems and automatically install related packages .
  2. Use git download WoeUSB

    git clone https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB.git
  3. Go to download WoeUSB Folder and execute setup-development-environment.bash

    cd WoeUSB
  4. Use mk-build-deps Command to create deb package :


    After execution , Will generate... In the current directory woeusb-build-deps_3.2.12_all.deb.

  5. Use gdebi Command to install woeusb-build-deps_3.2.12_all.deb

    sudo gdebi woeusb-build-deps_3.2.12_all.deb

    The dependent packages will be downloaded automatically during the installation process libwxbase3.0-devlibwxgtk3.0-devwx-commonwx3.0-headers.

  6. Carry out orders dpkg-buildpackage Generate WoeUSB Of Debian Binary package :

    dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b

    In operation , Will compile the source code . among ,

    • -uc The option is wrong .buildinfo And .changes Sign the document .
    • -b Option means binary compilation .

    At the end of the run , The following files will be generated in the upper directory :

    • woeusb_3.2.12_amd64.buildinfo
    • woeusb_3.2.12_amd64.changes
    • woeusb_3.2.12_amd64.deb
    • woeusb-dbgsym_3.2.12_amd64.deb
  7. Use gdebi Command to install the above two deb package :

    sudo gdebi woeusb_3.2.12_amd64.deb woeusb-dbgsym_3.2.12_amd64.deb

    thus ,WoeUSB The software has been compiled and installed .

  8. The insertion capacity is at least 8GB The blank of U disc , start-up woeusbgui. As shown in the figure below , In the open window, select the downloaded Windows 10 Image file , And choose and U The target device corresponding to the disk . After clicking on “Install”, Wait until the startup disk is finished .

  9. from U Disk start , install Windows 10, Be accomplished .

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