The purpose of writing login module in software is to prevent malicious spread of software , Login can be ignored in the internal test phase .

The following is the main source code of login module :

void CLoginDlg::OnBnClickedBtnLogin()
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
CClerkDataSet lgDataSet;
CString strSQL=L"";
CMFC_Library_RibbonView* pView;
if (m_strName.IsEmpty())
MessageBox(L" Please enter a user name !",L" Tips ",MB_ICONWARNING);
else if(m_strPWD.IsEmpty())
MessageBox(L" Please input a password !",L" Tips ",MB_ICONWARNING);
if (!lgDataSet.Open(AFX_DB_USE_DEFAULT_TYPE,strSQL))
MessageBox(L" open CLERK Table failed !",L" Tips ",MB_ICONWARNING);
if (m_strName=="rong"&&m_strPWD=="123456")
MessageBox(L" Landing successful !",L" success ");
CString name=L" The book management system V1.0- Currently logged in user :"+m_strName;
((CMainFrame *)AfxGetApp()-> m_pMainWnd)->SetWindowText(name);
MessageBox(L" Login failed ! Username or password incorrect !",L" Login failed !",MB_ICONERROR);

This is the login interface ( Ugly version ):

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