Each language has its own style of recommendation . obviously OC And Swift There are different styles . When we started to write Swift, The first thing to notice is to follow Swift The style of writing , Instead of using OC Style .

Omit the semicolon at the end of the sentence

swift It's about simple grammar . If there is only one line of code , Don't write a semicolon at the end of the sentence .

Omit self.

Omit when calling its own properties or methods when not in a closure self.. This point has also been discussed in the community , It has been suggested that mandatory statements are needed self., But Apple loudly refused . So make the code a little simpler .

Note the format of the type annotation

When we type a variable or attribute, the syntax is like this :

Notice that there is a space after the colon , If it's a dictionary key There is a space after the colon of .
The colon followed by the type is not standard .

Of course you can use SwiftLint Check for you .

Notice the space behind the function declaration

A standard function syntax is like this :

Notice the function implementation { There's a space in front of it

There are spaces before and after binary operators

Closure 、 Function implementation should not be written in one line

Object initialization, do not explicitly call init

adopt () Call the initialization method of the object directly , No call required init

Function name

oc The first parameter name of is omitted , So the first parameter name is brought to the method name .swift 3 Later, it is adjusted to show the first parameter name when called . So when you name a function, don't put the first parameter related name on the function name .

However, it is more concise to remove prepositions :

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