Because I want to be a protector
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Come back from Tongxiang and wash your hair in Sanshuiwan , Preparing to go home and thinking about my brother's self-study in the evening , On a rainy day , The cold wind caresses the muscles .

Ten minutes later I saw him talking to his classmates , I call yyp He turned around for a moment , Meiyu really grew up .

occasionally , Waiting is because there is an idea in my heart, I think it is very meaningful .


What's your major ? I didn't go to college . If it wasn't for the divorce , If I went to Hangzhou to study in University , Maybe I'm another life path .

I thought college would cost a lot of money , Now they're divorced, too … Things in the world ~

People always pay for what they know , Even after many years of regret can only move forward .


Sign the bill , It's raining hard outside . The customer asked , You run around every day , How much can I get in a month ? By performance , The base salary is two thousand five .

Last month, 1W. It's a high salary , Hard work should be done . If you can't go , Just come in and take shelter from the rain .

Remember the first two months , Huzhou director said , I'm not fit for this job . The boss left me behind , He often says , When I was young, I had the same character as you .

I've always been slow to get into shape , It's not unusual in the early days , It's slow , It's tough , It's endurance .

Work is to pay, there will be a return , It's not like love .


I doubt myself because of failure , My hair is so white that I go to the barber's every once in a while , Help cut off the white hair .

I'm in a bad mood , I will bear to have something , From high school , Sleep habit, wake up several times .

gastroenteritis , Frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea . Sometimes it's stressful , Periarthritis of the shoulder can cause , It's my first job .

occasionally , I will cry secretly , Because I'm angry , Fear , Tears are a way to decompress .

I can write, too , Writing is also a kind of healing .

Because I want to be a soldier who can protect my family .


Yu Er

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