Far away from the crowd
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《 The isolation 》 Hardy

The isolation , Live freely , Live as you please , Live naturally .

Everything between heaven and earth , They all have their own seasons , They all grow at their own pace , Each exists in its own way . Coexist with each other , No one can disturb me , It can't replace .

We have the same story : Hulan River is a small city , My grandfather lives here …… They've been... For generations , Born here 、 farming 、 Reproduction 、 Death , Coming from generation to generation 、 Live and go .

The original! , There is a similar yearning between the East and the West , The same pursuit . That's what's called " Virtue is not alone " Do you ? Believe it for the time being .

The development of history , It's always amazingly similar , People on the land are always consciously or unconsciously involved in it , Follow the tide , In the end, it's what human society calls " progress ", The victory and progress of human civilization .

The facts , Is it really like this ?

Stay away from the land , Put aside the so-called cheap " Mud legs " call , Wash off the smell of earth , Take off the sweat soaked " dirty " clothing , Is it noble and noble to shake one's body ?

Of course , City life is rich , Clean and tidy rich , It's nothing but mediocrity without humanity . In the roar of machines , Peace without people ; In the bustle of drinking , Without the truth ; In the so-called pity and politeness , It's more of a smart show .

But ah , People are always captured by such vanity and vanity , Vanity always wins so easily , It's been a trial and error . Generations without a long memory , Really don't blame those who are trapped in specific situations , useless , Have no meaning .

awake , It's always for the minority , Those lonely and desolate people . I wake up alone when everyone is drunk ? Or keep the clouds open and see the moon ? Or it's just ignorance ? No , Maybe it's all .

All in all , There has to be someone to endorse human beings ! Those sober and painful souls , It's exploration , It can also be human lucidity , Always awake .

People on the land , No matter where , After all, we have to go back to life , In your own way . Because! , Long and long years , I can't lie , No lying is allowed .

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