The world is not a good place
Literary FM 2021-06-04 11:09:14

I don't know when , There are more and more troubles in my heart . In the dead of night , A drizzly afternoon , The bustling streets , Can always feel a sense of loneliness and sadness . I'll look back , Only the trees and plants in front of the window and the wordless Song Ci can be compared .

Life on earth , It's not as good as nine out of ten , And I'm delicate and sentimental , I feel more and more sad in the world . Work with a clear conscience pays little , Being kind and sincere to others is questioned , To live a positive life is to be beaten naked . The strange world , The veiled society , Through the heart of the belly , I can't see through .

As you get older , Society will only teach me more and more . And I'm , It takes a stronger heart to deal with it . If you go back more than 20 years ago , I will never come to this world . I won't come back in my next life , It's not a good place in the world .

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