take a walk
Literary FM 2021-06-04 11:09:10

The setting sun gradually falls into the West in the clouds , The shadow on the road is elongated , Stepping on the long shadow , Walking in the dark .

The shadow of the flower overlaps , The fragrance is far and near . The setting sun slants in the evening , All the scenes of the day became extremely soft . Snow mountain in the distance , The green trees nearby , A warm evening breeze , Walking in such a comfortable evening , I always think of Nell . Nell has been afraid of heat since she was a child , In summer, my hair is wet with sweat , Run home and let me smell if she's sour , And then me and two are shampoo . It's been more than a decade , Nell is still afraid of heat , In summer, my face is like a little cat . If in such a cool season , Take a leisurely walk with Nell , How happy that should be .

When walking , I met my former colleagues , And colleagues' dogs , We talked about each other's recent situation and the growth of our children together . therefore , Walking began to be fun .

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